Student Work

A Collection of student projects focused on sustainable design principles, processes and materials.

Milkmade student project

Title: Milkmade

Course: Future of Food Collaborative Studio, Fall 2021

Students: Sukhi Kannikeswaran (Graphics & Animation), Victoria Wells (Graphics & Photography), Ella Krutz (Industrial Design, Research), Hannah Junglas (Industrial Design)

Project brief: Making plant-based milk powders more accessible and desirable to customers while reducing agricultural emissions and increasing biodiversity. 

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Bioma project examples

Title: Bioma

Course: A studio in collaboration with a Fortune 500 company

Student: Ronan Cole

Project brief: Focusing on the failures of the recycling system by looking for new compostable materials that could replace the versatility of plastic.

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Image of Mindful Blender

Title: Mindful Blender

Course: A studio in collaboration with a Fortune 500 company 

Student: David Bartok

Project brief: Developing an at-home food blending device that is long-lasting. 

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Image of Pantry Pal app on several cell phones

Title: Pantry Pal

Student: Emily Schnurr

Project brief: A smart grocery shopping device that connects to an app with virtual pantry features, meal planning, recipe searching, and expiration notifications - all aimed at helping reduce food waste.

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Image of prototype for Carpal Flex

Title: Carpal Flex

Student: Davis Her

Project brief: Creating a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) brace using recycled pharmaceutical plastic waste.

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Enlighted product prototype

Title: Enlighted

Students: Andrew Eppley, Ian Ferguson, Graham Wilz, Johnnie Paul

Project brief: Designing a collection of interior lighting with high-design aesthetic appeal, and a commitment to circular practices.

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iPhone displaying example of Amazon Loop

Title: Amazon Loop

Course: A studio in collaboration with a Fortune 500 company

Student: Reeha Das

Project brief: An Amazon initiative to encourage customers to practice sustainability. 

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