Experimental Packaging Lab

Experimental Packaging Lab

As we continue to make moves toward being recognized as a Design school with a prominent user-centered, design-driven packaging focus, the mission of proactively improving the future outlook of sustainably responsible consumption is at the core of the Experimental Packaging Lab (EPL) efforts.

Activities and Initiatives

  • Ongoing support of Fall term Packaging Design Collaborative 4th year SOD course, both in materials and tools, and class exercises conducted through the lab in conjunction with the course, such as the “Hackaging” prototyping sessions 
  • Recurring workshop series with Eurostampa in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences at Pollenzo (Italy). – centered in sustainable consumption patterns, social and environmental responsibility, and manufacturing realities.
  • Bi-annual Packaging Design Japan travel workshop in cooperation with Chiba University. Students work on internationally composed small teams to tackle culturally-relevant sustainable consumption – related packaging design problems.

Physical Components

Mobile Packaging Lab (MPL) rolling toolbox of package prototyping tools, The MPL is a collection of iterative packaging model making tools and learning aids that is rolled into our classrooms to support packaging-design related activities. The toolbox and contents were purchased with O-I support. The MPL contains the following:

  • Industrial Heat sealer
  • Assortment of stock packaging bottles, caps, closures for “hackaging” – 150 pcs
  • Cricut card stock cutting machine and supplies
  • Various handheld prototyping tools and materials such as cutting mats, rolling cutters, tapes, glues, and card stock

Cultural Packaging Narratives samples (Japan)

Other equipment and supplies

  • Large format card stock and plastic films in various thicknesses for prototype creation

  • PLA filament for 3D printing of prototype packaging bottle forms and mechanisms

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