Co-op FAQs

What is Co-op?

  • A co-op is a full-time, full-semester employment experience with a company in your intended professional field.
  • You are paid for your work.
  • A co-op is typically more rigorous than an internship.

What is the difference between a co-op and internship?

  • Internships also provide opportunities for professional work experience.
  • Unlike co-ops, internships may or may not be paid and may or may not be full-time work.
  • Art History, Horticulture, and Urban Studies are the only DAAP programs where students can pursue an internship.

How much will I be paid?

How do I find a co-op?

  • You will take an introduction to co-op course, which provides professional development, gives you access to the online database of employers, and prepares you through mock job interviews and resume building workshops. You will also consult with your assigned co-op adviser.
  • You can do research to find your own approved co-op experience.

Do I pay tuition while on co-op?

  • No. You pay a co-op fee for that semester.

Where do DAAP students typically co-op?

  • DAAP students work in 37 states, 175 cities, and 22 countries.
  • Co-op experiences range from Fortune 500 companies and non-profits to start-ups and more.
  • Almost 2000 employers have chosen to work with DAAP students.

Is housing provided while on co-op?

  • Students are responsible for securing their own housing while on co-op.
  • A few companies provide living arrangements or a housing stipend if your co-op is outside of the Cincinnati area. It is typically handled by the company in the offer negotiations.
  • You should speak with your co-op advisor to better understand which companies are able to offer those resources.
  • If your co-op is in Cincinnati, you can make arrangements with UC Housing to live on campus.

Do I take classes while on co-op?

  • Typically, students do not take classes during their co-op semesters. We encourage you to be fully focused on and dedicated to your co-op.

When will I co-op?

  • You will begin co-op in your second or third year, depending on your program. Starting with your first co-op, you will alternate between academic and co-op semesters year round.

What if I have trouble?

  • Should you have any questions regarding DAAP's co-op program, please feel free to contact your Co-op Faculty Advisor.


Alum values the UC co-op advantage

March 1, 2023

Steve Kuhn, a 1986 University of Cincinnati alum, is executive vice president and co-founder of Sevan Multi-Site Solutions, a program management and construction firm based in Downers Grove, Illinois. Kuhn says the early hands-on career experience co-op provided helped shape his trajectory as a manager and business leader.

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