DAAP Graduate Programs

Students at DAAP have created logos for NASA and FedEx while on co-op. Our alumni have designed toys for Hasbro and renovated New York’s Grand Central Station. Plus, renowned artists Michael Bierut, Michael Graves, Eva Maddox, Daniel Ludwig, Dorothy Johnson, and John Rosenthal all began their careers here. 

As a graduate student at DAAP, you will be an integral part of the creative endeavor of posing solutions for the complex social-technical issues of our world. It’s a place where you can take the theoretical and apply it to real world opportunities. You can engage in research that has a transformative impact on people’s lives like cancer treatment, equity and inclusion, health equity, sustainability practices, and global warming mitigation. All using industrial-level equipment and technology.

No matter which of our graduate programs you’re interested in, DAAP will provide you a unique educational experience in an equally unique setting. And as you continue to explore your post-graduate options here at DAAP, just remember, some of our most successful graduates arrived with under-graduate degrees that were not directly related with the fields of design, architecture, art, or planning.

For program specific information, connect with our DAAP Graduate Program Directors:

Headshot of Vincent Sansalone

Vincent Sansalone

Master of Architecture Program Director


For program inquiries please contact Kim Lawson.

Headshot of Rebecca Williamson, PhD AIA

Rebecca Williamson, PhD AIA

PhD in Architecture and Master of Science in Architecture Program Director


Headshot of Kristopher J. Holland, PhD

Kristopher J. Holland, PhD

Master of Arts in Art Education Program Director


Headshot of David J. Edelman, PhD

David J. Edelman, PhD

Master of Community Planning Program Director


Headshot of Heekyoung Jung

Heekyoung Jung

Master of Design Program Director


Headshot of Kate Bonansinga

Kate Bonansinga

Master of Fine Arts Program Director


Headshot of Barry W. Kew, PLA, ASLA

Barry W. Kew, PLA, ASLA

Master of Landscape Architecture Program Director


Headshot of Rainer vom Hofe, PhD

Rainer vom Hofe, PhD

PhD in Regional Development Planning Program Director


To connect with current students, contact our DAAP Graduate Student Ambassadors:

DAAP Graduate Student Ambassadors

DAAP Graduate Programs

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