DAAPX is a celebration of alumni accomplishments and a showcase of diverse projects and experiences across all DAAP majors and degrees.


DAAPX 2024

DAAPX 2024 was held on Friday, March 1st that featured 10-minute presentations both in-person and online. Check out the list of alumni below that participated in this annual event on the topic of Experiential Design and enjoy the recording!

2024 Presenters


DAAPX is a celebration of alumni accomplishments and a Ted-talk style showcase of diverse projects representing all DAAP majors and degrees. Developed in 2018, the DAAP Alumni Council wanted to create a platform for alumni to share a pivotal project in their careers to fellow alumni, faculty, students and the creative community.

Each year, alumni submit proposals on experiential design and the power the creative fields have to impact the human experience. Each quick 10-minute presentation gives a glimpse of a project from start to finish leaving the audience inspired.

Previous DAAPX Presentations

We invite you to enjoy previous DAAPX presentations. Each year, ten notable DAAP alumni speak on a range of compelling topics. Learn more about each talk in the "2023 Presenters" tab below.

The Topic: Experiential Design

Headshot of Ellen Stedtefeld

Ellen Stedtefeld

Program Director of Alumni & Donor Experience, College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning and College-Conservatory of Music