NCECA National Juried Student Exhibition 2023


The DAAP Galleries are proud to present the 2023 National Juried Student Exhibition in conjunction with The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts. The 2023 NCECA NJSE will run concurrently with Current, the 57th annual conference for NCECA in Cincinnati, Ohio, March 15–18, 2023. This exhibition was juried from a call for work from students who have been pursuing a degree or post-baccalaureate within the last 12 months. The exhibition is juried by ceramic artists Wesley Brown and Natalia Arbelaez.

NCECA is a dynamic, non-profit organization that engages and sustains a community for ceramic art, teaching, and learning. In addition to deepening knowledge within the field, NCECA expands it by working to cultivate the next generation of ceramic artists and enthusiasts through programing that hopes to engage the wider community. Comprised of approximately 4,000 members from the United States and more than 20 foreign countries, NCECA reaches thousands more each year.

Featured Artists: Eugene Ofori Agyei, Javaria Ahmad, Sara Alfieri, Lidia Alvidrez, Kaitlyn Anderson, Randi Bachman, Wesley Barnes, Mariana Bolanos, Olivia Canadine, CJ Carter, Kyle Cottier, Julianna Dougherty, Jerrie Fabrigas, Jonathan Hamos, Rachel Heibel, Morgan Hodge, Emily Iseman, Ivy Jewell, Eliza Keeney, Davyn Ladera, Thomas Lomeli, Harry Malesovas, Molly Otremba, Sun Park, Ben Pearey, Jared Peterson, Logan Reynolds, Patrick Ryan, Nina Samuels, Samantha Shamard, Shushank Shrestha, Christopher St. John, Katie Stone, Henry Thomas, Alex Thomure, Brant Weiland, Courtney Wilson, Samuel Wilson, Sarah-Anne Winchester

Virtual Exhibit

To view the 3-D tour simply click on the 360 link to the left and/or browse the exhibition stills below with detail images.

Gallery A

Samuel Wilson

Samuel Wilson - Family Quilt

The Family Quilt | 2021

Sanuel Wilson -The Family Quilt

Ceramic | Eastern Illinois University | Graduate Student

Kyle Cottier

kyle cottier's artwork "rough travel for a rare thing"

rough travel for a rare thing | 2022

spiked detail of kye cottier's work

Clay, Rope, Photography | University of Tennessee Knoxville | Graduate Student

Brant Weiland

ceramic piece with neon

Unsteady Ground | 2022

detail of ceramic and neon work

Stained Porcelain, Steel | University of Iowa | Graduate Student

Jared Peterson

ceramic piece with neon

Brick! (Dennis Rodman Cries in Public) | 2022

detail of ceramic and neon work

Ceramic, Neon, Steel, Adhesives, Paint | Arizona State University | Graduate Student

Ivy Jewell

ceramic artwork under vitrine

Archived Memory c. 2001 | 2022

detail of ceramic work in brown

Stoneware, Porcelain, Dirt, Bentonite, Foam, Concrete | University of Iowa | Undergraduate Student

Sun Park

video of ceramic installation

A ROOM WITH HOLES: first visit | 2021

detail on video piece

Video | San Francisco State University | Graduate Student - Click Photo for Link to Video

Gallery B

Logan Reynolds

big headed sculpture with cellphone

Huh? | 2021

detail of big headed sculpture with cellphone

Earthenware, Underglaze, Glaze, Nichrome | Ohio University | Graduate Student

Harry Malesovas

buffalo inspired sculpture

In the Snake’s Pit | 2021

detail of animal pile sculpture

Raku Clay, Low fire Slips | University of North Carolina Asheville | Undergraduate Student

Eliza Keeney

horse sculpture

Sham Pain | 2022

horse sculpture

Ceramic, Glaze, China paint, Luster, Lace | Kansas City Art Institute | Undergraduate Student

CJ Carter

ceramic full body bust

Sitting with Distractions | 2022

detail of ceramic bust head

Ceramics | University of Oklahoma | Graduate Student

Jonathan Hamos

ceramic blocks with photos on them

Built Memories | 2021

detail on ceramic block with photo of car on it

Red Earthenware, Orange Earthenware, Glaze, Water Decals | Ohio University | Graduate Student

Henry Thomas

two ceramic heads on pillow with flowers

Flower Bed | 2022

detail of ceramic heads

Terra Cotta, Dirt, Found Pillow, Pansies | The University of North Texas | Undergraduate Student

Courtney Wilson

vase with decals

Martha Mitchell | 2022

detail of face detail on vase

Stoneware, Glaze | University of Arkansas at Little Rock | Undergraduate Student

Ben Pearey

ceramic beans on pate

Plate | 2022

detail of beans on plate

Glazed Ceramic | University of Arkansas | Graduate Student

Shushank Shrestha

happy ceramic figure with peace fingers up

where the wild things are | 2022

detail of happy ceramic face

Ceramics, Metal Chain, Gold Leaf | Alfred University School of Art and Design | Graduate Student

Mariana Bolanos

hanging body sculpture

Body Vibrations | 2021

hanging body sculpture

Ceramic | Sheridan College | Undergraduate Student

Gallery C

Eugene Ofori Agyei 

ceramic sculpture with yarn

Outside Beauty | 2021

detail of ceramic sculpture with yarn

Stoneware Clay, Fabric, Yarn, Paint |University of Florida | Graduate Student

Alex Thomure

urn with black and red detail

Urn for Friends | 2022

urn with black and red detail

Terra Cotta | Southern Illinois University Edwardsville | Graduate Student

Javaria Ahmad

ceramic ball on ceramic plinthe

Aangan Tedha (A Crooked Courtyard) | 2022

ceramic ball on ceramic plinthe

Hand Rolled Coils embedded in Layers | Alfred University School of Art and Design | Graduate Student

Jerrie Fabrigas

pink spiked vessel with gold lid

Malandi (Langka Vessel) | 2022

pink spiked vessel with gold lid

Ceramic, 22k Gold Luster, Flock | Palomar College | Undergraduate Student

Emily Iseman

stacked ceramic blocks

Matter | 2022

detail of ceramic blocks

Tinted Stoneware | Pennsylvania State | Graduate Student

Patrick Ryan

black sculpture

CHOP BLOC | 2022

black sculpture

Ceramic, Glaze | University of Iowa | Graduate Student

Randi Bachman

balanced ceramic pieces

Cut and Paste (with equal parts balance) | 2022

detail of balanced ceramic pieces

Colored Porcelain, Glaze | University of Iowa | Graduate Student

Nina Samuels

hanging blanket of tiled pieces

Warmth and Whiting | 2022

tiled pieces on blankets

Stoneware, Glaze, Underglaze, Cord, Foam | Georgia Southern University | Undergraduate Student

Rachel Heibel

rustic floral designed trumpet

On Top of Sunshine Mountain | 2022

detail of ceramic lamp

Ceramic | School of the Art Institute of Chicago | Graduate Student

Julianna Dougherty

3d printed ceramic sculpture

Ring Composition 1 | 2022

detail of 3d printed sculpture

3D printed Colored Porcelain, Silver Luster | Alfred University | Undergraduate Student

Sara Alfieri

6 ceramic cups in holder

6 Pack | 2022

detail of ceramic cups

White Stoneware, Blue Underglaze, Copper Slip, Tin White Glaze - Wheel Thrown, Hand-built, Slip Cast | University of Nebraska-Lincoln | Graduate Student

Thomas Lomeli

gold vase with red details

Vessel of Mictlan | 2022

detail of skull detail

Clay, Acrylic, Glitter | University of Kansas | Graduate Student

Samantha Shamard

bone covered installation

Mestiza Altar | 2022

detail of bone

Porcelain, Animal Bone, Wallpaper, Wood, Insulation Foam | Clemson University | Graduate Student

Lidia Alvidrez

hollow blue form

Depression | 2021

detail of hollow blue form

Ceramic | University of Texas at Tyler | Graduate Student

Gallery D

Sarah-Anne Winchester

photo of figure with watering can

The Garden | 2022

detail of figure with watering can and wig

Photography | Southern Illinois University | Graduate Student

Olivia Canadine

Olivia Canadine's three monkey baby figures

Shopping or Adopting? | 2022

Olivia Canadine's monkey baby detail

Ceramic, Encaustic, Mixed Media | Fort Lewis College | Undergraduate Student

Morgan Hodge

abstract bull skull

Bitterroots and Lupines | 2022

detail of bull skull

Ceramic, Underglaze, Oxides, Acrylic | University of Montana | Post-Baccalaureate Student

Wesley Barnes

ceramic house with bird over roiling scene in vase

Spirit Keeper (Columbaria Urn) | 2022

detail of bird and house

Soda-fired Stoneware, Earthenware | Southern Illinois University Edwardsville | Undergraduate Student

Katie Stone

Katie Stone's stacked horses

Bred and Butter | 2021

detail of horses

Red Stoneware, Glaze, Underglaze | Syracuse University | Graduate Student

Kaitlyn Anderson

ceramic goose on pillow

Killing the Goose | 2022

detail of goose head

Stoneware | University of Tennessee | Graduate Student

Davyn Ladera

many chicken formed vase

Pecking Order | 2021

detail of ceramic chicken

Stoneware | Texas State University | Undergraduate Student

Molly Otremba

worm form

Enid | 2022


Stoneware, Slip, Underglaze, Glaze | Indiana University Southeast | Post-Baccalaureate Student

Christopher St. John

form with details

Dogtoy | 2022

detail of hand graphic

Earthenware, Slip, Glaze | Ohio University | Graduate School

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