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The Dorothy W. & C. Lawson Reed, Jr. Gallery is located on the fifth floor of the DAAP Aronoff complex and is the largest of the DAAP Galleries.  Located at the heart of the DAAP complex, the Reed Gallery provides a vibrant setting for DAAP students and the regional arts community in which to engage in meaningful discussions about the current state of visual culture.  With a focus on current trends and practices, gallery exhibition themes range from Art to Fashion and address all of the fields of study within the college of DAAP.  While the focus of the DAAP galleries is contemporary practice, the galleries do present exhibitions that approach practice historically by examining a process, a school of thought, or an individual of significance that exemplify the foundations of contemporary practice.  Within an exhibition season, students and professionals alike are represented through a serious of group and solo exhibitions that address a wide range of visual media.

The location of the Reed Gallery provides countless opportunities for professors and students to engage in discussion within the gallery space.  Here they can directly address issues relating to their studies, as the gallery may provide examples of work to inspire dialogue and act as an extension and compliment to their class and studio work.  Additionally, the Reed Gallery is staffed by current students in order to provide practical experience working within a professional setting while aiding as a learning tool for individuals who are interested in the processes related to museum and gallery operations.

Current Exhibit

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NCECA National Juried Student Exhibition 2021

Dates: February 17th - March 21st

For in-person visits please see the guidelines included at the bottom of the page.

The DAAP Galleries are proud to present the National Juried Student Exhibition 2021 in conjunction with The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts.  NCECA is a dynamic, 501(c)3 organization that engages and sustains a community for ceramic art, teaching and learning. In addition to deepening knowledge within the field, NCECA expands it by working to cultivate the next generation of ceramic artists and enthusiasts through programing that affects professional artists, K-12 schools, community centers, universities, museums, galleries, businesses, organizations, collectors and enthusiasts of ceramic art. Currently comprised of approximately 4,000 members from the United States and more than 20 foreign countries, NCECA reaches thousands of additional individuals each year through its programs, publications, events, exhibitions and resources.

NCECA was founded as a non-profit organization in 1966 after several years of affiliation with the Ceramics Education Council of the American Ceramic Society. NCECA’s founding charter was developed by forward-thinking ceramic artists who saw the benefits of a professional organization in its ability to create identity, definition and support for the ceramics teacher and artist, and to promote advancement of the ceramic arts.

Virtual Exhibit

To view the 3-D tour simply click on the 360 link to the left and/or browse the exhibition stills below with detail images.

Gallery A

Hee Joo Yang

ceramic cubes

Diary, 2020 Clay

ceramic cubes

Hee Joo Yang | State University of New York at New Paltz | Graduate

Lilah Shepherd

colorful ceramic art

Perception of Color, 2020 | Stoneware, porcelain, and underglaze

colorful ceramic art

Lilah Shepherd | University of Iowa | Graduate

Matthew O' Reilly - 1st NCECA Graduate Award for Excellence 

ceramic statue

Smoldering Grecian, 2020 | Ceramic, salt, flocking, metal, plaster, shoe, paint | Matthew O’Reilly | Alberta University of the Arts | Graduate

Jordan Kramer - Mudtools Merit Award

wall mounted prisms

Topology Study, 2020 | Wood-fired porcelain, wood, and epoxy

wall mounted prisms

Jordan Kramer | Queens University of Charlotte | Undergraduate

Marianne Chenard

oceanside drawing

Drawing 48.2207089, -69.0601045, 2020 | Kaolin - photography

oceanside drawing

Marianne Chenard | Alfred University | Graduate

Gallery B

Gina Pisto - Elmer Craig Merit Award

stoneware and plastic art installation

Partition, 2020 | Stoneware, flowers, plastic, and glue

stoneware and plastic art installation

Gina Pisto | Ohio University | Graduate

Aaron Caldwell

buffalo inspired sculpture

Lotion Bu alo #4, 2020 | Ceramic and steel nails

buffalo inspired sculpture

Aaron Caldwell | Wonsook Kim School of Art, Illinois State University | Graduate

Shauna Fahley - Studio Potter Merit Award

horse sculpture

Holding tension // potential energy, 2020 | Ceramics, bow string, cast hand, ceramic shell, wood, and resin

horse sculpture

Shauna Fahley | Alfred University | Graduate

Emily Connell

Porcelain and ashes of paper

Notations Stack: Archive Reams, 2020 | Porcelain and ashes of paper

Porcelain and ashes of paper

Emily Connell | Ohio University | Graduate

Rice Evans

red stoneware vase

The Death of My Linear Mind, 2020 | Stoneware, wood, turf, and phone charging cables | Rice Evans | Virginia Commonwealth University | Graduate

Minah Kim

flesh-tone Porcelain, terra cotta, and plexiglass cushion

things i dropped, 2019 | Porcelain, terra cotta, and plexiglass

flesh-tone porcelain, terra cotta, and plexiglass cushion

Minah Kim | University of Arkansas | Graduate

Sunyoung Park

ceramic wood and fabric project

Untitled, 2020 | Ceramic, wood, and fabric | Sunyoung Park | Southern Illinois University, Carbondale | Graduate

Ian Pemberton

photography of purple cube

Butchertown Pig Factory, Louisville, KY, 2020 | Photographic print on Hahnemühle Rag paper

photography of purple cube

Ian Pemberton | University of Louisville | Post-baccalaureate

Jennifer Masley

tall rectangular porcelain structure

(some)homebody, 2020 | Slip-cast porcelain and mixed media base

tall rectangular porcelain structure

Jennifer Masley | Kent State University | Graduate

Gallery C

Matt Becker - 3rd NCECA Graduate Award for Excellence 

red stoneware coil object

#Mood, 2020 | Stoneware and glaze

red stoneware coil object

Matt Becker | Rhode Island School of Design | Graduate

Sean Lofton

terra cotta slab structure

Composite Brick #3 (Art Deco), 2020 | Red earthenware, cast art deco tiles rendered in CAD software, 3D printed, and cast in plaster

terra cotta slab structure

Sean Lofton | University of Missouri | Graduate

Luciano Pimienta - KBH Merit Award

terra cotta money stamps on paper

Three Ways to Make 50 Dollars, 2020 | Terracotta on paper | Luciano Pimienta | San Diego State University | Graduate

terra cotta and paste wax money

Biyuyo de 50, 2020 | Terracotta and paste wax | Luciano Pimienta | San Diego State University | Graduate

Dina Perlasca

red 3D-printed and stoneware cacti

Y cantaba el gallo / And the rooster crowed, 2020 | 3-D printed and handbuilt red clay, stoneware, underglaze, and wood

red 3D-printed and stoneware cacti

Dina Perlasca | New Mexico State University | Graduate

Brooke Armstrong

ceramic project

Capture, 2020 | Porcelain, stoneware, glaze, wire, and torn women's slips

ceramic project

Brooke Armstrong | University of Montana | Graduate

Logan Reynolds - Studio Potter Merit Award

ceramic couple portrait

50 Years of Bliss, 2020 | Earthenware, underglaze, terra sigillata, nichrome, and paint | Logan Reynolds | Ohio University | Graduate

Lukas Easton

large tall gray ceramic chained tapered casket

Completed September 24 2019, So much has changed., 2019 | Clay

large tall gray ceramic chained tapered casket

Lukas Easton | Alfred University | Graduate

Mary Wilhelm

clear plastic tote bag filled with ceramic pieces

Grief (I Can Take You With Me), 2019 | Ceramic and vinyl

clear plastic tote bag filled with ceramic pieces

Mary Wilhelm | Wonsook Kim School of Art, Illinois State University | Graduate

Faith Bellflower - 2nd NCECA Undergraduate Award for Excellence 

rustic floral designed trumpet

Call of the Trees: Ode to 2020, 2020 | Video | Faith Bellflower | Stetson University | Undergraduate

rustic floral designed trumpet with video icon overlayed

This image is hyperlinked with Faith's Call of The Trees performance

Maxwell Henderson

teal and black ceramic bowls

Vessels, 2020 | Porcelain and maple wood

teal and black ceramic bowls

Maxwell Henderson | University of Nebraska-Lincoln | Graduate

PJ Hargraves

ceramic cacti decorated with swans

Gathering Pot, 2020 | Salt-fired stoneware and porcelain, glaze, bottle glass, and rare-earth oxide | PJ Hargraves | University of Nebraska-Lincoln | Graduate

Nick Kakavas - 2nd NCECA Graduate Award for Excellence 

comic ceramic glossy face

2 for $6, 2020 | Stoneware and majolica glaze

comic ceramic glossy face

Nick Kakavas | Georgia State University | Graduate

Emily Gomez

female portrait holding chained porcelain and aluminum balls

Rise of the Matriarch, 2019 | Porcelain and aluminum

chained porcelain and aluminum balls

Emily Gomez | Texas Tech University | Undergraduate

Claire Lenahan

fused gray ceramic mugs

The Kiss, 2020 | Porcelain, underglaze, and glaze | Claire Lenahan | The University of Florida | Graduate

fused gray ceramic mugs with video icon overlayed

This image is hyperlinked with Claire's demonstration of The Kiss

Emily Irvin - Studio Potter Merit

pale cloth basket

breeding ground, 2019 | Coiling clay for the work in the day, sifting (materials as a poem)

pale cloth basket

Emily Irvin | University of Colorado, Boulder | Graduate

Gallery D

Meg Howton

stretched white latex extending from blue-pink opening

Lady Fingers, 2019 | Ceramic, latex, and glitter

stretched white latex extending from blue-pink opening

Meg Howton | Southern Illinois University, Carbondale | Graduate

Audrey An

textured gray art project

Homes in Sequence, 2020 | Ceramics, plywood structure, Raspberry Pi, and LED

textured gray art project

Audrey An | Pennsylvania State University | Graduate

Danielle Hawk

tall ceramic slab built structure

Disassembled Form, 2020 | Colored porcelain | Danielle Hawk | Towson University | Graduate

Mackenzie McDonald - 3rd NCECA Undergraduate Award for Excellence 

ostrich teapot

teapot, 2020 | Terracotta, glaze, gold luster, and false eyelashes

ostrich teapot

Mackenzie Mcdonald | Alfred University | Undergraduate

Kyle Caris

clay bottle cluster

Rusting Urchin, 2020 | Ceramic with crater glaze

clay bottle cluster

Kyle Caris | Kansas City Art Institute | Undergraduate

Rebecca Frantz

blue ceramic arms and hands inside blue shelving

Loosen Your Grip, 2020 | Ceramics and mixed media

blue ceramic arms and hands inside blue shelving

Rebecca Frantz | Cranbrook Academy of Art | Graduate

Erin Smith

terra cotta organic structure

Collaborative Solo, 2020 | Red earthenware and porcelain

terra cotta organic structure

Erin Smith | Alfred University | Graduate

Joe Welch

ceramic clumpy bowl with orange tongue

Spirit of Lies, 2020 | Thixotropic clay and glaze

ceramic clumpy bowl with orange tongue

Joe Welch | University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth | Post-baccalaureate

Celine Gobert

figure with pink hair and hands stretching from face

Mrs. Stepford, 2018 | clay and mixed media

white stretched clay pinched by clothespins

Celine Gobert | University of Tennessee at Knoxville| Undergraduate

Visiting Guidelines

For the health and safety of all visitors and staff, gallery visits will be by appointment only. Groups are limited to 6 persons at a time. To schedule a visit please email, leave your name, phone number, email address, and the gallery you wish to visit, and we will contact you to schedule your visit.

On the day of your visit:

  • Face masks are mandatory on campus and in all university buildings.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment and call to inform the gallery attendant you have arrived. Find specific instructions for the exhibitions below.
  • Visits will be limited to 30 minutes; however, if the appointment following yours is open, you are welcome to extend your stay.

The Reed Gallery (513) 556-2839
Sunday - Thursday 10am-5pm
Location and visiting instructions for the Reed Gallery:

  • When visiting the Reed Gallery enter the DAAP building by the third-floor entrance located at the bottom of Clifton Court next to the Clifton Court Garage. Please call (513) 556-2839 to inform the gallery attendant of your arrival. Proceed to the Reed Gallery located on the 5th Floor Rm 5275, and please wait outside the gallery for attendant to let you in.
  • Metered parking is available on Clifton Avenue and Martin Luther King Drive; hourly parking is available in the Clifton Court Garage.
  • Directions: From Martin Luther King Dr. turn right onto Clifton Ave. towards McMillan Ave. (DAAP will be on left). Street and garage parking are available (garage accepts cash or credit upon exit). Gallery is on the fifth floor.
  • It may be helpful to view a campus map here

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