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The Dorothy W. & C. Lawson Reed, Jr. Gallery is located on the fifth floor of the DAAP Aronoff complex and is the largest of the DAAP Galleries.  Located at the heart of the DAAP complex, the Reed Gallery provides a vibrant setting for DAAP students and the regional arts community in which to engage in meaningful discussions about the current state of visual culture.  With a focus on current trends and practices, gallery exhibition themes range from Art to Fashion and address all of the fields of study within the college of DAAP.  While the focus of the DAAP galleries is contemporary practice, the galleries do present exhibitions that approach practice historically by examining a process, a school of thought, or an individual of significance that exemplify the foundations of contemporary practice.  Within an exhibition season, students and professionals alike are represented through a serious of group and solo exhibitions that address a wide range of visual media.

The location of the Reed Gallery provides countless opportunities for professors and students to engage in discussion within the gallery space.  Here they can directly address issues relating to their studies, as the gallery may provide examples of work to inspire dialogue and act as an extension and compliment to their class and studio work.  Additionally, the Reed Gallery is staffed by current students in order to provide practical experience working within a professional setting while aiding as a learning tool for individuals who are interested in the processes related to museum and gallery operations.

Directors' Choice Exhibition 2022

DAAPworks 2022 logo

Dates: May 17th - August 7th, 2022

The Directors’ Choice specifically highlights the outstanding capstone projects, first presented as a part of DAAPworks that demonstrate exceptional knowledge, creativity, and skill that has been applied to a focused idea and then most effectively communicated by visual means.

Each year the Directors from all four schools within DAAP, along with the Director of DAAP Galleries, review the project submissions from all of the school programs. The Directors take into consideration the recommendations they are provided by the faculty that work with these students daily. After much deliberation a consensus is reached to make the selections of Directors’ Choice award winners.

To see all of the DAAPworks projects, including the Directors' Choice winners use the following link:

Virtual Exhibit

Click on the 360 link to the left to view the 3-D tour.

Gallery A

Cindy Ha

Bachelor of Communication Design - Interactive Winner

Fractured Husbandry: CGI, 2022 – Rives Rash

This Is Not an NFT Art Fair - Cindy Ha

Eps foam and acrylic mirror

Interactive Game, Keyboard, Mouse

Alexis Piascik

Bachelor of Fashion Design - Product Winner

Material and Process Study #4, 2022 – Nicholas Germann

Marex - Alexis Piascik

White oak, solid surface, baltic birch plywood

Tailored Fabric

Emmaline Carter 

Bachelor of Fine Art Winner

Virginia Woolf – The Years, 2022 – Mark Harris

I Thought I Saw It in The Earth and in The Open Sky - Emmaline Carter

Mixed Media (spray paint on trash)

Video, Photography Prints, Print on Fabric

Gallery B

Gelmira Gourgel, Peiyao Guo, Alissa Gonda, Chase Gasser

Bachelor of Science of Architecture Group Winner

Delphi, 2022 - Benjamin Britton

Nambi Astronaut’s Training Facility - Gelmira Gourgel, Peiyao Guo, Alissa Gonda, Chase Gasser

Desktop touchscreen monitor, computer, projector

Concrete Mold, 3D Animation, 3D Print

Gabrielle Kalouche

Master of Architecture Winner

Locust Tree Bean Pods and Scrap Rubber Tire, 2021 and Anthropocene Contemplation, 2020 – Brigid O’Kane

Rebuilding After Disaster: Beirut’s Heritage Houses - Gabrielle Kalouche

Graphite on Paper

Architectural Blueprint, Print

Diego Gomez-Enriques

Master of Design Winner

Freedom, We the Birds, Become, Empathic Alliance, Bang, Unity, Black Holes, 2014-2021 – Claudia B. Rebola

Principles for Designing Accessible Health Applications for Older Adults - Diego Gomez-Enriques

Prints on paper

Informational Print

Elizabeth Wolf

Bachelor of Interior Design Winner

Untitled, 2020 - Vincent Sansalone

(Re)Skin: A Wearable Interior - Elizabeth Wolf

Oil on Canvas

Tailored Fabric, Print

Courtney Moreland

Bachelor of Fine Art Winner

Experiments in Communications, 2022 - Michael Everett

B-Style (An Afro Asiatic Exhibition) - Courtney Moreland

Cast bronze and aluminum with steel wire

Acrylic Painting, Screen Print

Gallery C

Sam Weiser

Bachelor of Industrial Design - Mobility Winner

Merz-Bal 3D Model, 2021- Matt Lynch and Chris Vorhees

Smart Move - Sam Weiser


3D Animation and Print on Paper

Dana Schriever, Mickenzi Addy, Michael Bradley, Nicole Rogge

Bachelor of Urban Planning, Bachelor of Science in Urban Studies, Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, Master of Community Planning Group, and Master of Landscape Architecture Winners

Untitled, 2022 - Edward Mitchell

Cincinnati Street Tree Hub - Dana Schriever, Mickenzi Addy, Michael Bradley, Nicole Rogge

Mixed Media

Informational Prints

Emily Baxter

Bachelor of Fine Art Winner

Roadkill Diaries Entry 07: That Sinking Feeling, 2022 - Stephanie Berrie

Prism 1 - Emily Baxter

Soft ground etching with mezzotint and monotype

Acrylic Paint on Fabric

Cameryn Blake

Bachelor of Fashion Design Winner

Portrait by Al and Robot, 2022 - Ming Ting

Noir Vacui: The Director’s Cut - Cameryn Blake

Portrait by Al and Robot

3D Animation

Montgomery Pierson

Master of Architecture Winner

Boxer with Tattoos, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2022 - Maureen France

Pierson House - Montgomery Pierson

Photography/Archival Inkjet Prints

Cardboard Assemblage - Architectural Floor Plan on Paper

Sophie Schultz

Bachelor of Communication Design - Motion Winner

Untitled, 2020 - Vincent Sansalone

Beware of Dog! - Sophie Schultz

Oil on Canvas

2D Animation

Gallery D

Shannon O'Deens

Bachelor of Art History Winner

Arrangement with T-Square, 2022 - Emil Robinson

“Then I Am Praying”: War, Religion, and Shared Suffering in the Pechstein and Kollwitz Prints at the University of Cincinnati Art Collection - Shannon O’Deens

Oil on wood panel

Informational Print

Anna Hargan

Master of Architecture Winner

Untitled, 2022 - Emily A. Paolucci

Brutal Intentions: Transforming Brutalism and the Case for Crosley Tower - Anna Hargan

Cotton fabric, wool batting, polyester thread

3D Print Rendering

Sangyu Xi

Bachelor of Industrial Design - Product Design Winner

The Next One, 2020-2021 - John Dixon

Airy Scoliosis Brace - Sangyu Xi

White Ash, Basswood, Birch Plywood, White Pine, Hard Maple

3D Printed Plastic Brace, Soft Mesh, Print

Planning Your Visit

The Reed Gallery

Hours: Sunday - Thursday 10am-5pm

Phone:  (513) 556-2839

Location and visiting instructions for the Reed Gallery:

  • When visiting the Reed Gallery enter the DAAP building by the third-floor entrance located at the bottom of Clifton Court next to the Clifton Court Garage. Proceed to the Reed Gallery located on the 5th Floor Rm 5275, and please wait outside the gallery for attendant to let you in.
  • Metered parking is available on Clifton Avenue and Martin Luther King Drive; hourly parking is available in the Clifton Court Garage.
  • Directions: From Martin Luther King Dr. turn right onto Clifton Ave. towards McMillan Ave. (DAAP will be on left). Street and garage parking are available (garage accepts cash or credit upon exit). Gallery is on the fifth floor.
  • It may be helpful to view a campus map here

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