About DAAPworks

Each year, the DAAPworks event highlights the creative output of the graduating class from the top-ranked College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati.

DAAPworks '24 logo on navy. Dates of event (April 23-27) and address (342 Clifton Court) are both listed on the image.

2024 DAAPworks Branding based on the Napkin Sketch submission by Brendán Murphy, MDes Alumnus '93.

Works from graduating students are showcased annually at the end of the spring term, celebrated through both live and virtual events. DAAPworks extends an invitation to students, their families, and the community to explore the diverse capstone projects from all four schools. The event kicks off each year with the School of Art MFA Thesis Exhibition at the Contemporary Art Center in early March. This is followed by a DAAPworks Opening Reception at the College during the last week of April, and concludes with the iconic DAAP Fashion Show on the Friday evening of graduation week.

Interconnectedness + Collaboration

DAAPworks '24 Logomark.

Our invisible tagline, Interconnectedness + Collaboration, celebrates the powerful intersection of our diverse disciplines, where creativity thrives through the seamless fusion of talents and ideas. 

With this in mind, the 2024 DAAPworks logo stands as a visual representation of how DAAP's collaborative harmony accelerates innovation for the “Next” frontier. Each unique school is represented by an overlapping circle of a different color. The graceful amalgamation of the four-colored, concentric circles forms a synergistic intersection, representing our college, DAAP.

Meet Brendán Murphy

Brendán Murphy's Headshot

Brendán is a Senior Partner and Global Creative Director at Lippincott. With a rich background hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Brendán brings over 30 years of unparalleled expertise in visual and verbal design, a significant portion of which was honed during his tenure at Lippincott.

While his brand work is a staple of everyday consumer life, perhaps most iconic is his design of the universal access symbol for the sight, hearing and physically impaired, now used by cities and organizations around the world.

Special Thanks

We congratulate our graduating students and wish them the best as they take the knowledge and skills cultivated during their studies here at UC.

Aaron Cowan, Director of UC Art Collection, Galleries, Museum Studies, and DAAPworks Coordinator

Welcome to the fifth installment of our digital DAAPworks exhibition! This annual celebration of our graduating students represents fifteen programs of study and the presentation of their capstone projects.

Digital DAAPworks equips our guests with additional resources relating to projects for greater context and understanding of our students’ research and practice. This multifaceted exhibition is a culmination of their work and a lasting record of the achievements of the class of 2024.

We congratulate our graduating students and wish them the best as they take the knowledge and skills cultivated during their studies here at UC. They have a solid foundation for success within their chosen fields and the confidence to achieve their goals and aspirations. We are honored and proud to present the outstanding creative production from our talented students and excited to share their work with you and the world at large.

We would like to thank our professors and staff who have patiently mentored and guided our students through this challenging process. Our students’ success would not be possible without the support provided by their families, friends, and peers along their journey to graduation.

DAAPworks has been made possible through the hard work and dedication of an extensive team. We would like to express our gratitude to Samantha Norton (Digital Content Specialist), Pam Rezai (Asst. Director of Marketing & Publications), and the creative work from the Marketing team; the faculty representatives coordinating the four schools within DAAP Todd Timney (SOD), Vince Sansalone and Whitney Hamaker (SAID), Matt Lynch (SOA), and Sangyong Cho (SOP). Plus, other crucial team members, Aaron Rucker (DAAPIT), Dan Dugan (Facilities), Michael Everett (DAAP Print Lab), and Allyson Coffren (UC Art Collection and Galleries) as well as the School Directors: Maureen France (Interim SOD), Ed Mitchell (SAID), Kate Bonansinga (SOA) and Danilo Palazzo (SOP).

Finally, we would like to thank the Dean of DAAP, Tim Jachna, for his support, leadership, and vision in this evolving project.

With Gratitude,

Headshot of Aaron J Cowan

Aaron J Cowan

Director, UC Art Collection, DAAP Galleries, & Museum Studies


Headshot of DAAPworks Exhibit

DAAPworks Exhibit

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Class of 2023 Student Work

Student Work by Lauren McCarroll | Directors' Choice Awardee '23

Lauren McCarroll | Directors' Choice | BS in Architecture

Student Work by Grayson M. Thornberry | Directors' Choice Awardee '23

Grayson M. Thornberry | Directors' Choice | BS in Fashion Design

Work by Sarah Tengen | Directors' Choice Awardee '23

Sarah Tengen | Directors' Choice Awardee | BA Urban Planning

Student Work by Caroline Leyes | Directors' Choice Awardee '23

Caroline Leyes | Directors' Choice | BS in Industrial Design

Student Work by Vernay Monroe | Directors' Choice Awardee '23

Vernay Monroe | Directors' Choice | BA in Fine Arts

Student Work by Stella Dionysiou and James McLaughlin | Directors' Choice Awardees '23

Stella Dionysiou and James McLaughlin | Directors' Choice| BS in Horticulture