Each year, the DAAPworks event highlights the creative output of the graduating class from the top-ranked College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati.

DAAPworks 2023 Napkin Sketch Competition

DAAPworks 2023 Napkin Sketch Competition

DAAPworks 2023 Napkin Sketch Competition

The announcement of the new DAAPworks branding is a celebrated event. Each year it changes and then used throughout the building, both inside and out. It is also incorporated into the DAAPworks website that showcases the capstone work of our soon-to-be graduates.

For the 2023 graduating class, DAAP is hosting an open call for DAAPworks branding submissions with its first ever Napkin Sketch CompetitionAll DAAP alumni are encouraged to share a design.

The rules are simple:

  • Use a 5x5 white cocktail napkin.
  • Draw in pen (single color only).
  • Must include the letters D-A-A-P.
  • Send a picture of the sketch to rezaiph@ucmail.uc.edu with a brief design explanation.
  • Submit by 9/30/22.
  • Save your original napkin sketch for a special exhibit at                                                                 DAAPworks 2023.

All sketches will be reviewed by a committee with members from DAAP’s Alumni Board, graduating class, and faculty. The identity of each sketch will not be shared during the voting process. The winner will be announced during Homecoming Weekend in October.

The winning sketch will be used on all material associated with DAAPworks 2023 including print, social media, and web. An artist's statement will be added to the official DAAPworks website about the design, plus the winning artist will be invited to attend the Opening Reception and recognized for their contribution.  

Questions? Contact Pam Rezai at rezaiph@ucmail.uc.edu.

DAAPworks 2022

Works from graduating students are exhibited annually, at the end of spring term and now celebrated as both live and virtual events. DAAPworks invites the students, their families, and the community to explore the various capstone projects from all four schools. It launches with the Master of Fine Arts Showcase at the Contemporary Art Center in March and extends through the end of April with the DAAPworks Open House at the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning and the DAAP Fashion Show at The Sample Space in downtown Cincinnati.

While this year's DAAPworks has concluded you can still enjoy all graduate capstone projects with a Virtual DAAPworks Exhibit Tour or at DAAPworks.com.

Master of Fine Arts graduate students will be showcasing their work March 18 - May 1, 2022 at the Contemporary Art Center located at 44th 6th Street in downtown Cincinnati.

The MFA Exhibit Guide highlights the MFA student work showcased at the CAC.

The fashion seniors will participate in two shows on Friday, April 29th at The Sample Space.

For more information visit the DAAP Fashion Show webpage.


The DAAPworks 2022 poster is available to share with prospective students, employers looking to hire the best talent, and community members interested in attending this annual event. 

Headshot of DAAPworks Exhibit

DAAPworks Exhibit

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