Bachelor of Fine Arts in Games & Animation

Unleash your artistic potential at the University of Cincinnati, one frame at a time!

Join our immersive program, where animation techniques and the artistic essence of animation collide seamlessly with game design. Dive into the vibrant world of game development and animation production, where each frame is a canvas for your artistic expression. Our program serves as a playground for creativity, offering a hands-on approach that mirrors the professional studio environment. From sketching initial ideas to bringing them to life on screen, students work alongside industry leaders, mastering the art of animation while delving into the intricate world of game design. Your dreams are crafted into pixels as you explore the limitless possibilities of your creative vision.

Led by award-winning multi-media artists and animators in the field, our unique curriculum is designed as a creative studio experience. Students embark on a journey from apprenticeship, honing their skills, to ultimately becoming creators in the dynamic realm of digital animation and game design. At the University of Cincinnati, we don't just teach; we mentor, ensuring you emerge not only as a skilled animator and game designer but also as a visionary artist ready to make your mark in the industry.

Our unique, studio-run environment ensures that as a student, you not only acquire in-depth knowledge of animation, but also gain practical experience in collaborative teamwork, mirroring the dynamics of professional game and animation studios.

Mike Gasaway Asst Professor of Practice

Headshot of Mike Lawrence Gasaway

Mike Lawrence Gasaway

Assistant Professor - Practice

Games & Animation Program Overview

What is the GPA required for admission into the program?

  • As per University of Cincinnati requirements, a 2.5 minimum GPA is required.

What is the faculty to student ratio?

  •  At the moment, we have an 18:1 ratio. Our labs, however, hold at maximum 28 seats.

Is there a portfolio requirement?

  • There is no portfolio requirement for Games & Animation. We will take students who have taken courses in animation, taught themselves, or have never done a frame of games or animation.

At the University of Cincinnati, we believe that learning is doing and doing is learning.

All Games & Animation majors participate in the UC Co-op Program. Students have the opportunity to work full-time in the industry for 2 semesters during their studies to build their professional experience and resume.

Co-op Advisor

Headshot of Hilary Joy Lewallen

Hilary Joy Lewallen

Asst Professor - Educator


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The University of Cincinnati’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Games & Animation program features an immersive experience and a proven curriculum. Interested in learning more? Check out our admissions requirements or request more information to connect with program staff or faculty.

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Program Coordinator

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Jordan Tate




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Denise R Burge



Headshot of Todd Herzog

Todd Herzog

Professor in the School of Communication, Film, and Media Studies and the Department of Asian, East European, and German Studies. Director of the Niehoff Center for Film and Media Studies and the Digital Media Collaborative.


Headshot of Mike Lawrence Gasaway

Mike Lawrence Gasaway

Assistant Professor - Practice

Headshot of Evan Torner

Evan Torner

Associate Professor of German Studies and Film / Media Studies; Undergraduate Director of German Studies; Director, UC Game Lab


Headshot of Katherine Castiello Jones

Katherine Castiello Jones

Undergraduate Program Director (PhD, University of Massachusetts-Amherst), Sociology



Students are encouraged to explore the information on our website and contact the DAAP Student Affairs team with any admissions questions. 

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DAAP Student Affairs

(513) 556-1376

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Ana Marissa Colón

Admissions Counselor


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