Master of Fine Arts

"Multi-Disciplinary, Contemporary Art Practice and Research"

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) is a two-year interdisciplinary studio program that supports all forms of contemporary art practice and research. Our students develop multi-disciplinary practices essential for a career as an artist, or as an educator.

Our Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program is an accredited degree crucial for developing complex and mature studio practices – like those expected of practicing artists by critics, curators, museums, and galleries. It is the ‘terminal’ Fine Art degree in the United States, necessary for teaching at the college level.

All students utilize our vast resources, our internationally recognized faculty, and our state-of-the-art equipment to develop multi-disciplinary studio work that is groundbreaking and affirmative for each unique student, an innovative research framework art practice, conceptual and technical skills, and lasting professional connections within the city and region.

Though faculty expectations are high, and critiques can be challenging, my work has evolved rapidly. From accomplished, but unfocused steel fabrication to contemporary and relevant manipulation of heavily painted canvas, DAAP has transformed my practice.

James McKenna, 2nd Year MFA

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Program Staff

Headshot of Kate Bonansinga

Kate Bonansinga

Interim Master of Fine Arts Program Director

Headshot of Emily Paolucci

Emily Paolucci

Graduate Program Coordinator, Master of Fine Arts


Headshot of Mrinalini Aggarwal

Mrinalini Aggarwal

Assistant Professor


Headshot of Caroline Anderson

Caroline Anderson

Asst Professor


Headshot of Denise R Burge

Denise R Burge



Headshot of Mark Harris

Mark Harris



Headshot of Matthew Lynch

Matthew Lynch

Professor, Coordinator, Undergraduate Program in Fine Arts


Headshot of Neil Harrison Daigle Orians

Neil Harrison Daigle Orians

Asst Professor


Headshot of Edward-Victor Victor Sanchez

Edward-Victor Victor Sanchez

Asst Professor


Headshot of Jordan Tate

Jordan Tate



Headshot of Jenny Roesel Ustick

Jenny Roesel Ustick

Associate Professor


Headshot of Xia Yi Zhang

Xia Yi Zhang

Assistant Professor


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