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Research at DAAP

Research is an increasingly essential skill for professionals in the DAAP professions, and a strong research profile has become a pivotal element for the reputation and ranking of academic institutions serving these professions.

Tim Jachna, Dean of College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning

The College’s research and creative work are transdisciplinary in nature. At the intersection of our creative disciplines and science, DAAP provides significant examples of transdisciplinary research and creative work to redefine how we want to live/interact/augment our capabilities with others and our built environment. We celebrate technologies as systems to mediate our environment for improved experiences for humanity.

DAAP is as an essential research value for a transformative impact to mitigate negative implications to our society and environment. We celebrate collaborations, especially with industry and communities, to design for impact. Following UC President Naville Pinto “Next Lives Here” strategic vision, and the “Research 2030 UC's 10-Yr Strategic Plan For Research”, our DAAP Futures is built around FIVE research capacities areas:

DAAP Research Approaches

At DAAP, we focus our research approach in the following ways:

  • Transdisciplinary based:
    Our college is a host of multiple creative disciplines for transdisciplinary research areas. We interact effectively with multiple disciplines across campus and other universities (Medicine, Hospitals, Nursing, Engineering, Psychology, etc.)
  • Systems-based:
    We have a systematic approach to model evidence with data - an evidence-based approach in our process for framing insights using multiple methods (traditional-science based as well as adapted/designed)
  • Out-facing based:
    We do research by partnering with communities and industries – a collaborative co-design approach for creating better services, products, experiences, and places.

For further inquiries about research, please contact

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Claudia Beatriz Rebola

Associate Dean for Research, Associate Professor


Partner with us for Research

We are always looking for unique partnerships in alignment with faculty research areas and expertise. Partnerships can include sponsorship for a graduate student to work with faculty in an aligned research area or funding group of research to work with communities in response to challenges associated with urban systems, health and wellbeing, digital culture, creative entrepreneurship and/or sustainable living.