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The Philip M. Meyers Jr. Memorial Gallery is located in the Steger Student Life Center in the heart of the University’s Main Street.  Situated across from the recreation center and the Tangeman Student Center, we are located in the hub of student life and bring visual culture and practice to the university at large as well as to the surrounding region.  The Meyers Gallery exhibitions address two main objectives: first to expose the wider university community to the practices within DAAP; and second to present exhibitions that address the practices of other colleges within the university, generally historic or scientific in focus.  The intention is to provide the university population with access to a greater understanding of the visual presentation of complex ideas and concepts.

The Meyers Gallery is staffed by current students within the DAAP School of Art in order to provide them with a range of knowledge and understanding of exhibition techniques and practices.  This experience provides student artists, art historians, and art educators a setting in which to explore and implement the theories and concepts of their academic and studio practices into a working setting.  DAAP Galleries employees are equipped with the necessary skills to present and discuss a variety of visual materials with a diverse audience, thus enabling them to better articulate the visual communication of complex ideas and to foster a better understanding of visual communication.

Scream and Beyond

DATES: June 2nd - July 31st, 2022 in the Meyers Gallery

Reception in the Meyers Gallery: Thursday, June 9th, 2022 5-7pm

The DAAP Galleries are proud to present:

Scream and Beyond, a collection of prints by SAAD GHOSN

For the past two decades Saad Ghosn has been using his images as vehicles for his social views and political beliefs, and as a tool towards social change, peace and justice. Using black and white woodcut prints has allowed him to harness the direct, straightforward, and stark nature of the simplified image to convey his message.

Saad views art as a reflection of the artist in their entirety and, therefore, not only “for the sake of Art” but primarily “for the sake of the Artist”, “for the sake of the Artist’s Life” and “for the sake of Life” in general. 

Art is potent and motivating, it can inform and challenge, and it can lead the viewer into thinking and into action. In this respect Saad strongly believes in “Art as Activism” and that art is a potent tool for affecting change towards a better world.

Virtual Exhibit

To view the 3-D tour click on the 360 link to the left.

All works are by Saad Ghosn, woodcut prints on Rives BFK, 22.5" x 30"

Gallery A


"The Fate of the Meek"

The Fate of the Meek
The Fate of the Meek detail

"Our Comfortable Cocoon"

"Religion Attacked"

"For the Lack of Love"

"We See Nothing We Hear Nothing"

Gallery B

"My Country Is"

"Flag II"

"Flag I"

"My Country Is Not"

"Beds and Beds"


"A Dead is a Dead"

"We Float, We Sink"

"De Bouche a Bouche"

"In the Kingdom of the Blind"

"The War General"

"The Devil and their Followers"

"You Are What You Look"

"We Destroy the World"

"Connected, Disconnected"

Connected, Disconnected
Connected, Disconnected detail


Planning Your Visit

The Meyers Gallery

Hours: Sunday - Thursday 10am-5pm

Location and visiting instructions for the Meyers Gallery:

  • When visiting the Meyers Gallery, metered parking is located on Martin Luther King Dr. or in the Woodside or Campus Green Garages for an hourly fee. 
  • Enter campus from either MLK or the garages walk along Woodside Dr. past the new College of Business, and continue up the hill following the paver drive (UC Main Street). 
  • The Meyers Gallery is located halfway up the hill on the right-hand side in the Steger Student Life Center on the ground floor, directly across from Nippert Stadium. 

Directions: From ML King enter Woodside Dr. (Langsam Library) for Woodside Garage (accepts cash or credit). Walk up UC Main Street to the Steger Student Life Center. Gallery is on the right across from Nippert Stadium.

It may be helpful to view a campus map here.

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