About Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living at DAAP is about institutional and transdisciplinary research around sustainable solutions. It is not just about sustainability such as the environment but focusing on research that addresses core issues of living conditions. It is about placing humans and life interconnected at the center of our creative processes, systems, and outcomes.

DAAP adopts the mission of critically engaging the foundations of its disciplines and demonstrating transformational practices through active engagement with society and the environment. We face significant challenges with our environment and how we interact with it. We have the major responsibility to act on it and advance our creative disciplines for a better future living. Creative approaches, such as those in the DAAP disciplines, can provide robust and innovative strategies to address complex socio-environmental problems related to responsible production and consumption, sustainable landscapes, cities, and communities, and reduced inequalities. It is about empowering the human being to be more connected with the environments and others in the environment and how we can use our creative disciplines from design, architecture, art, and planning to impact. More importantly, we focused on educating our next generation of students with a healthy mindset on sustainability for future living environments. 

Centers, Labs, and Initiatives

  • Responsible production and consumption
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Reduced Inequality
  • Sustainability in education
  • Inclusive Design
Headshot of Brigid O'Kane

Brigid O'Kane

Associate Professor

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Brooke C Brandewie

Assistant Professor

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Carla Chifos

Associate Professor

Headshot of David N. Gamstetter

David N. Gamstetter

Natural Resource Manager, Cincinnati Parks

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Emily Verba Fischer

Assoc Professor

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Flavia Maria Cunha Bastos


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Gregory Neil Marinic, PhD

Associate Professor

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Virginia L. Russell

Professor Emeritus

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Peter A. Chamberlain

Associate Professor

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Pravin Bhiwapurkar

Assoc Professor

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George T. Bible

Associate Professor Emeritus

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Whitney Hamaker

Assistant Professor - Educator

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William D Williams

Associate Professor

Headshot of Virginia L. Russell

Virginia L. Russell

Professor Emeritus

For inquiries about Sustainable Living, please contact

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Kristopher J Holland

Associate Professor


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Claudia Beatriz Rebola

Associate Dean for Research, Associate Professor


For partnerships in alignment with faculty research areas and expertise in Sustainable Living, please contact:

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Laura J. Johnson

Senior Director, Development