Bachelor of Urban Planning

"Creating Livable, Sustainable, and Efficient Communities"

The Bachelor of Urban Planning is a five-year multidisciplinary academic program that focuses on urban planning, development, and design. Students will develop the foundations to work to create livable, sustainable, and efficient communities by shaping the physical and social character of cities, towns, and suburbs.

Why Study Urban Planning?

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The main challenges Urban Planners deal with are in creating livable and equitable communities while promoting economic development and job creation, mobility, affordability, social equity, energy efficiency, and climate change adaptation. In short, Urban Planning students learn innovative ways to solve complex problems.

Why Study Urban Planning at DAAP?

DAAP's School of Planning is the only urban planning program in the country which requires a cooperative education experience, or co-op. Urban planning students work for both small and large businesses across the country. Students begin their co-op experiences during their sophomore year, and alternate semesters of full-time work and study on a year-round calendar until the final semester of the fifth year. Students will graduate with five semesters, or a year and a half, of work experience in their field.

The Co-op experience required in DAAP's Urban Planning program offered me hands-on learning experience coupled with the opportunity to build valuable connections in the field.

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Urban Planning Undergraduate Certificates

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Whether or not you are an undergraduate student of the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, you can pursue a certificate in the field of Urban Planning.  


  • Urban Design Certificate - 
    • Provides students with foundational knowledge about the art and science of cities through history to inform their future visions.
    • Introduces the skills and techniques to design livable, functional, and beautiful places in response to the current and future challenges cities face.
    • Encourages students to think critically about multidisciplinary solutions with sustainable design and management options that serve to promote unity between different city aspects.
  • Urban Planning Certificate -
    • Introduces students to the various challenges faced by our urbanized world.
    • Encourages students to develop innovative approaches to managing cities and their development. 
  • Historic Preservation -
    • Provides students with a working knowledge of historic preservation issues and techniques.

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The University of Cincinnati’s Bachelor of Urban Planning program features a multidisciplinary curriculum and collaborative environment for students who want to make a difference in the built environment. Interested in learning more? Request more information today!

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