Center for DAAP Research & Innovation

The center for DAAP Research and Innovation is a HUB for faculty, students, and industry partners to do research and innovation in the capacity areas of health and wellbeing, creative entrepreneurship, urban systems, digital culture, and sustainable living.

The center explores the areas between human activity, human invention, research, and innovation with the integration of technology, human factors, and aesthetics through the lens of Design, Architecture and Interior Design, Art, and Planning knowledge. Crucial and demanding trends in the aforementioned areas will be researched including health equity, public health, affordable housing, climate change, resiliency, future of work, decolonization, human rights, technology, and society, to mention a few.

The center’s group of scholars aim to bring about research and innovation catalyzed in the creative discipline’s expertise to position CDRI as the epic center for collaborative creativity and societal transformative outcomes.

We are hoping to engage with you in a variety of ways including funding students and faculty doing research. 

Did you know that with your support:

  • $1,000 will fund a day at CDRI to to get trained with a research software
  • $3,000 will fund a Graduate Student as a Graduate Assistant (GA) participating in research for one semester
  • $5,000 will fund a faculty with materials and supplies to develop a breakthrough idea
  • $5,000 will fund a day at CDRI to unleash creativity for your project
  • $25,000 will fund a 5 weeks project through CDRI with your company

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CDRI Goals

The center is built around three main pillars:

  1. Collaboration: Partner with other disciplines across the college, institutions, and external organizations to explore problems, opportunities, innovative research and development, plus identify new themes and educational endeavors in health and wellbeing.
  2. Research: Conduct research and projects with unique user-centered and community-based methods for advancing new knowledge and impact in issues of health and wellbeing.
  3. Innovation: Exercise translational and evidence-based approaches with unique products, services, systems, and experiences developed at the center to serve the human condition, and societal and cultural issues around health and wellbeing. 

CDRI Resources

The University of Cincinnati offers a number of research resources with their facilities. The center also provides the following specific resources for affiliated members:

  • Co-creative spaces
  • Technologies for behavioral research
  • Grant writing services 
  • Digital labs support

Capacity Areas

Health and Wellbeing: About | Gallery

Urban Systems: About | Gallery | Simpson Center

Creative Entrepreneurship: About | Gallery | Homegrown Collaborative Design Studio

Digital Culture: About | Gallery

Sustainable Living: About | Gallery

Headshot of Claudia Beatriz Rebola

Claudia Beatriz Rebola

Associate Dean for Research, Associate Professor