SAID Lecture Series

architectural poster

Lawrence Blough Lecture 2021-02-18

Carie Penabad and Adib Cure posing for photo

Carie Penabad and Adib Cúre Lecture 2020-11-11

Collage of Allison Grace Williams and Brian Healy

Allison Grace Williams-Brian Healy Lecture - "A Conversation" 2020-11-04

headshot of Jeffrey Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson Lecture 2020-10-07

headshot of Bennet Neiman

Bennett Neiman Lecture 2020-09-30

headshot of Andrew Zago

Andrew Zago Lecture 2020-03-04

architectural poster

Heather Bizon Lecture - Out of Form: Things in Doubt 2020-02-26

headshot of Pablo Meninato

Paul Meninato Lecture 2020-01-29

headshot of Robert Haug

Robert Haug Lecture 2020-01-22