SAID Lecture Series

Past Lecture Recordings

Spring 2022 Lectures

headshot of daniel barber, the lecturer

Daniel Barber Lecture 1.26.22

headshot of david waggonner

David Waggonner Lecture 2.16.22

headshot of sergi serrat

Sergi Serrat Lecture 2.23.22

Photo of John Hancock Lecturer

John Hancock Lecture 3.02.22

Image of Barry Yoakum the Lecturer

Barry Yoakum Lecture 3.09.22

Photo of Charles Davis, the lecturer

Charles Davis II Lecture 3.10.22

Photo of Mimi and Tim Love

Mimi and Tim Love Lecture 3.30.22

Image of the earth from space

Michael Young Lecture 4.06.22

Fall 2021 Lectures

Headshot of lecturer Stan Allen

Stan Allen Lecture 10.27.21

Headshot of Lecturer Roger Sherman

Roger Sherman Lecture 11.3.21

Headshot of Lecturer John Ochsendorf

John Ochsendorf Lecture 11.10.21

Ensamble Studio

Ensamble Studio Lecture 09.15.21

William Wesley Taylor

William Wesley Taylor Lecture 09.22.21

Joseph Clarke

Joseph Clarke Lecture 09.29.21

Gregg Pasquarelli 03.03.21

Gregg Pasquarelli Lecture 03.03.21

David Darling

David Darling Lecture 03.10.21

Verda Alexander

Verda Alexander Lecture 03.17.21

Bernard Tschumi

Bernard Tschumi Lecture 01.20.21

Victor Legoretta

Victor Legorreta Lecture 02.03.21

Deborah Berke

Deborah Berke Lecture 02.17.21

2020 Lectures

architectural poster

Lawrence Blough Lecture 2021-02-18

Carie Penabad and Adib Cure posing for photo

Carie Penabad and Adib Cúre Lecture 2020-11-11

Collage of Allison Grace Williams and Brian Healy

Allison Grace Williams-Brian Healy Lecture - "A Conversation" 2020-11-04

headshot of Jeffrey Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson Lecture 2020-10-07

headshot of Bennet Neiman

Bennett Neiman Lecture 2020-09-30

headshot of Andrew Zago

Andrew Zago Lecture 2020-03-04

architectural poster

Heather Bizon Lecture - Out of Form: Things in Doubt 2020-02-26

headshot of Pablo Meninato

Paul Meninato Lecture 2020-01-29

headshot of Robert Haug

Robert Haug Lecture 2020-01-22