Photo Lab

Located in suite 4440-4470 Aronoff, the photo facility provides the resources for the support of the current DAAP photography curriculum. The facility provides DAAP photography classes with equipment for image making in traditional color and silver based black and white photography, digital color management and digital printing. The DAAP Photo Lab also serve as an inventory of photography, video, lighting and sound equipment available for use. Scanning, digitizing and other research and instructional support activities also take place in a new “flat lab” area within the DAAP Photo Lab.

The facility houses a complete photographic laboratory with dark rooms and facilities for processing film-based photography, a print finish area, digital print areas that support output of high-end digital photography and two photography shooting studios. Specific digital output devices include:

  • 1 - Mimaki UCJV300 UV-LED large format printer cutter
  • 3 - HP ZX6200 Large format Printers
  • 1 - Epson 9000 Large format archival printer
  • 2 - Epson 4900 photo printers
  • 4 – Epson P5000 photo printers

The Photo Lab hours will vary over the course of the semester, adjusting to the needs of students. Please refer to the calendar posted right outside the Photo Lab doors for this month’s hours. The Photo Lab will be closed during school holidays and semester breaks.

Student Access
The Photo Lab is open to all students in all programs of DAAP. Printing and plotting services are available with no prior training. The photography shooting studios and the self-serve digital print room require an orientation given by a photo lab associate, which can be completed in the first few weeks of the semester. This can be done either by class or by individual sign-up. Once an orientation is completed, students can check out the studios, digital print room, and a variety of equipment that applies to their classes and training. In order to check out rooms and equipment students must submit their Bearcat Card to the front desk.

Equipment Checkout
The Photo Lab offers an array of photography, video and sound equipment to students. To gain access to the photography equipment, students should complete a studio orientation with the Photo Lab staff. Access to the video and sound equipment is decided on a case-by-case basis. Students must be in a sound or video class and teachers must arrange with Photo Lab staff to gain access to the equipment.

In order to check out equipment, students must submit their Bearcat cards at the front desk. If the Bearcat card is broken or damaged and will not scan, it is the student's responsibility to replace it. Bearcat cards are the only way that students will be permitted to check out equipment.