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Ottavio Di Blasi standing next to a sculpture and looking at the camera

Chatterjee Lecture 2021

Ottavio Di Blasi - ODB & Partners

Portrait of Ottavio Di Blasi

Ottavio Di Blasi - October 7, 2021 4PM EST
City and University: Historical Partnership
and New Opportunities
Virtual from Milan, Italy

Ottavio Di Blasi is an architect (Milan, 1954) and close collaborator of Renzo Piano in the 1980s, he founded OTTAVIO DI BLASI & Partners in Milan in 1990. He is a Professor of Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, a Tutor for G124 (a special commission appointed by the Italian Senate dedicated to the renaissance of Italian peripheries), and a member of the Scientific Committee of the Renzo Piano Foundation. He practices internationally and stands by the belief that architecture must transform the world to leave it a slightly better place.

His design attitude is based on the idea that architecture provides a concise solution to a wide range of issues by combining invention, emotion, and competence trough a humanistic approach with mankind at its core. Significant projects include: Politecnico di Milano Architecture Campus (2020) - S.S. Giovanni Railway Station (2019) - Gorée Victims of Slavery and Transatlantic Slave Trade Memorial (2019)

Past Chatterjee Lectures

Anthills to Labyrinths : Engineering Sustainable Architecture

Portrait of Patrick Bellew

Patrick Bellew - October 21, 2020 4:30 PM EST
Principal and Founder of Atelier 10 
The lecture has also been recorded.

Founding director of Atelier Ten, Patrick is one of the UK’s Royal Designers and is a Chartered Building Services Engineer with more than thirty years’ experience in the design of high performance buildings and systems. With extensive experience in the integration of environmental and building systems with architecture, Patrick has particular expertise in thermal mass energy storage technologies, environmental building design and high efficiency building conditioning systems.