Master of Architecture

Professional, Design-Centered Approach to Architecture.

The University of Cincinnati's Master of Architecture (M.Arch) program is committed to the design and production of buildings that are useful, durable, meaningful, inspiring, and responsibly engaged with their physical, cultural, and social contexts.

The Master of Architecture (M.Arch) graduate degree is open to students who have already earned a pre-professional undergraduate degree in architecture, as well as those who received undergraduate degree in a subject other than architecture.

The M.Arch program is committed to useful art, echnical craft, and an ethical practice. The professional, design-centered approach encompasses this range of issues, preparing graduates for licensing and a critical engagement with the world of practice. This critical spirit does not simply accept presumptions and practices at face value but examines their provenance and consequences with a wary eye and an open mind.

DAAP has one of the most rigorous yet comprehensive graduate programs. The curriculum provides the academic, as well as practical education, one could ask for.

Rakshita Jain, 2nd Year M.Arch

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Vincent Sansalone

Master of Architecture Program Director


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Kim Lawson

Graduate Program Coordinator, Master of Architecture

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Jain Rakshita

Graduate Student Ambassador, School of Architecture and Interior Design