Strategic Futures

DAAP offers noteworthy instances of transdisciplinary research and creative work, reshaping our approach to how we live, interact, and enhance our capabilities with others and our built environment. We embrace technologies as systems that mediate our environment, aiming to enhance experiences for humanity.

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The College of DAAP plays an essential role in research at UC, offering transformative impact to mitigate negative implications on our society and environment. We celebrate collaborations, especially with industry and community partnerships, to design for impact.

Following President Neville Pinto's “Next Lives Here” strategic vision, and the “Research 2030 UC's 10-Year Strategic Plan For Research”, our Strategic Futures is built around five research capacity areas:

Health and Wellbeing

Urban Systems

Sustainable Living

Digital Culture

Creative Entrepreneurship

Health & Wellbeing

DAAP is committed to serving as a platform for intersecting disciplines, sharing knowledge and applications, and engaging with communities to enhance society's health and wellbeing. Our aim is to develop products and tools that contribute to a future where individuals, homes, and neighborhoods promote healthier living. Our focus lies in convergent research, which integrates considerations of future technology and care systems, encompassing residences and mechanisms for individuals to achieve their full potential and wellbeing.

STHENOS | Fiat Pantawat Tongrod | Directors' Choice Awardee

Palate Pioneers | Mikayla Dixon

Urban Systems

Urban systems research at DAAP comprises a transdisciplinary team of scholars who collaborate closely with cities to foster more vibrant communities. Our mission is to engage in collaboration across various domains, including urban planning, architecture, art, and transportation, to generate comprehensive insights and outcomes aimed at enhancing urban communities.

Grayson Sommer | Programmed to Plan | Directors' Choice Awardee

CLIMATE CANOPY | Sydney Geckler & Hannah Stanchfield

Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living at DAAP entails institutional and transdisciplinary research into sustainable solutions. It goes beyond environmental sustainability to address core issues of living conditions. Our approach centers on placing humans and interconnected life at the core of our creative processes, systems, and outcomes.

Floating Connections | Logan Seig

Reuse the Overused | Emily Albert

Digital Culture

We inhabit a world that is profoundly digital, where technologies mediate nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Digital technologies at DAAP, in their broadest sense, are integrated and interwoven into our environments, often imperceptibly yet significantly shaping cultures.

Virtual Reality Studio for Remote ID Education | Rashid Sadki

Careerdium | Sarah Stevens

Creative Entrepreneurship

Over the past decade, there has been a surge in global initiatives aimed at bolstering entrepreneurial endeavors. These endeavors have propelled the Cincinnati region into a national top 10 location for entrepreneurial ventures. Our university and College have played a key role in this momentum by establishing the 1819 Innovation Hub, which accommodates DAAP Venture Labs. This reimagined technology transfer office is dedicated to transforming academic research into viable consumer products and services.

Urban 3D Print Revolution | Simon Donkoh & Radhika Bipin | Simpson Futures Awardees

SpareParts | Sarah Durbala | Directors' Choice Awardee

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