Transfer & Transition

As a student in the University of Cincinnati’s College of DAAP, you’ll be joining a diverse group of scholars exploring their passions, creating artifacts, environments, and graphics that impact and improve the world.

On our urban campus, you will find a wide network of support, from faculty committed to your success, to advisors who will guide you toward your personal goals, to a community of fellow Bearcats!

We look forward to welcoming you to UC!

A transfer student is a student who seeks to change their university or college to complete their desired degree, or pursue a different degree. Transfer students at UC’s College of DAAP are transferring into the University of Cincinnati system from an outside university. Students transferring into DAAP will find guidelines here

Students coming to DAAP from one of UC’s regional campuses—UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont—or another college within the university, are considered transition students. Students coming to UC’s Uptown West campus from regional campuses typically begin their studies at UC Clermont or UC Blue Ash, where they can earn an associate’s degree, and complete their bachelor’s degree at DAAP, or another four-year college within the university. Students interested in transitioning into DAAP will find guidelines here.

Meet Jonna!

Jonna Ramirez Headshot


Hi, I’m Jonna! I'm a Fashion Design Transfer Student at the College of DAAP.

Why Transfer?

I was looking to transfer into a rigorous fashion design program that would allow me to learn the skills I would need to be successful in my career, so finding a program that offered that experience combined with the co-op program was exactly what I needed! 

Because I transferred, I will not only be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Design, but with a plethora of real industry experience.

Jonna Ramirez, Transfer Student

Headshot of Jonna Ramirez

Jonna Ramirez

Transfer Student

How to Apply

Prospective transfer students and students interested in applying for readmission should visit the Transfer & Transition Advising Center webpage. There is a dedicated and centralized team of advisors can help you navigate through campus and find direct paths to your educational goals within UC and DAAP.

Current University of Cincinnati students who wish to apply to a DAAP program should complete the Application for Change of College and Program form.

Important Deadlines

Applications received after the priority deadline date listed will be reviewed on a space available basis.

Fall Semester: March 1

Priority deadline for all programs. Applicants typically receive an admission decision by late May. 

Spring Semester: November 1

Art History, Horticulture, Urban Studies only

Summer Semester: March 1

Art History, Horticulture, Urban Studies only


Communication Design, Fashion Design, Industrial Design
Minimum 3.0 Cumulative GPA

Architecture *, Interior Design*
Minimum 3.0 Cumulative GPA

*If the student lacks the math and physics requirements from high school, then the student should complete an appropriate college level course. High school requirements: four units of college prep math (including one unit of pre-calculus) and one unit of physics; OR college requirement: MATH1024, 1026, 1044, 1060, or 1061; PHYS1011, 1017, 1018, 1037, 1051, or 2001 or equivalent.

Art History, Fine Arts, Games and Animation
Minimum 2.5 Cumulative GPA

  • Horticulture
    Minimum 2.5 Cumulative GPA or 2.0 Cumulative GPA with associate’s degree

  • Urban Planning, Urban Studies
    Minimum 2.5 Cumulative GPA

Optional Portfolio

Students who include Architecture, Communication Design, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Industrial Design, or Interior Design among their program options on their admission application and apply by the March 1 priority deadline will be invited to submit a portfolio for admission consideration. This is an optional portfolio, but students are encouraged to submit one if they think it will strengthen their application.

DAAP Optional Portfolio Guidelines:

  • Include 12-20 pieces of work from the last two years.
  • Include examples of architectural work, design (e.g. clothing, interior spaces, logos, posters, websites), drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, 3-D renderings, work in other media, and/or things you have sewn, built, or invented.
  • Include some samples of drawing from observation (instead of from imagination or reproduced from photographs).
  • Emphasize your artistic and design strengths.
  • May also represent your extracurricular involvement and interests.
  • Include the title, medium, date completed, and a brief description that addresses each work’s concept and/or inspiration.
  • Consolidate your work into one file if possible. For example, submit multiple pages in one PDF file rather than 12-20 individual PDF files.
  • PDF file, 10MB file size limit.

DAAP Optional Portfolio Submission for current UC students transferring to DAAP from Uptown, UC Blue Ash, or UC Clermont campuses and readmission applicants. Optional portfolios for these applicants are due by March 3 at 11:59PM ET.

Note: Transfer and first-year applicants will upload portfolios via the University of Cincinnati Admissions Portal.

DAAP Transfer & Transition Virtual Info Session

Register for the Transfer and Transition Information Session. Learn more about your program of interest and the admissions process.

  • Thursday, November 7th, 2024
  • Time TBD

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