DAAP Sustainability Initiative

Sustainability Initiative at DAAP

A resource for sustainability at DAAP.

About Us

We are a community from the University of Cincinnati who are concerned about the future. This website was created as a shared resource for the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) and welcomes anyone interested in sustainability. Our aim is to seek solutions to questions like, “How can creatives save the world?” and “How can saving the Earth be a fundamental goal in the broadest sense?”

Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, as creative disciplines, have the power to shape the future. This can be achieved by working with other collaborative partners. Together, we can decide how the future will look. 

Rethinking how and what we create in the face of environmental challenges, such as global warming, is critical. Saving the Earth must become a priority. The DAAP Sustainability Initiative is a resource for anyone interested in these issues, as they relate to innovation, education, and communication. 
This website aims to connect students, educators, and like-minded people to sustainable principles, theories, and materials. It also aims to connect with businesses to become directly involved with sustainability and experiential learning.


Headshot of Brigid O'Kane

Brigid O'Kane

Associate Professor


Headshot of Braden Widmeyer Trauth

Braden Widmeyer Trauth

Assistant Professor of Industrial Design