Fashion Design

Fashioning the future of the apparel industry

Fashion Critique with DAAP Alumna '19, Taylor Long.

Fashion Design is a creative process of applying research, imagination, construction, and aesthetic beauty to clothing and its accessories.  

Learn more about why you should study Fashion Design as a major here at the College of DAAP, School of Design!

The Bachelor of Science in Design - Fashion Design Major provides a platform for discovery, experimentation, and specialization by way of a strong foundation in critical and cultural theory, experiential learning, craftsmanship, technological literacy, and sustainable stewardship with opportunities for students to author their individual curricular pathway through elective coursework.

The support and camaraderie of my peers within the school truly encapsulate the pride I feel towards DAAP. It has evolved into a home for each of us, where we mutually guide and uplift one another, forming the pillars of this supportive community.

Kat Suddendorf '24

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Kat Suddendorf

Fashion Design, Class of 2024

Student Work

Program Overview

Program Duration: Minimum Credits: Offered Degree:
5 Years 122 Bachelor of Science 

Co-op Program

Kat Suddendorf on Co-op in Boston, MA


At the University of Cincinnati, we believe that learning is doing and doing is learning.

All Fashion Design majors participate in the UC Co-op Program. Students have the opportunity to work full-time in the fashion industry for 5 full semesters during their studies to build their professional experience and resume.

Study Abroad

Fashion Student Jensen Johnson Packed for Travel

Fashion Design students also have the unique opportunity to Study Abroad during their fourth year of study with an array of international fashion studies partners.

Study abroad is known for being a "life-changing" experience. Studies have shown there are real and tangible benefits to study abroad, including personal growth, positively academic affects, as well as increased career prospects after graduation.

Make the world your classroom as you earn credit for coursework abroad. 

Fashion Program Facilities


The fashion design students gain training and experience using advanced fashion technology, state-of-the-art tools and industry-standard equipment to prepare for fashion’s fast-paced, ever changing, technology-driven future.

The Fashion Technology Center (FTC) supports students and faculty in the design, experimentation, and innovation of textile and apparel products by providing training, access, and experience using advanced, industry-standard and state of the art tools for apparel and textile design technology, research, and prototyping. 

Lab Staff

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Stephanie Leah Wood

Sr Lab Associate


Scholarships and Financial Resources

Thanks to the generosity of numerous alumni and friends of the college, scholarships are available to students in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning.

Apply to our Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design Program

The University of Cincinnati’s Fashion Design program features an industry-leading experience through a proven curriculum. Interested in learning more? Request more information today! 

Connect with our Program:


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Zachary Hoh

Associate Professor - Practice and Fashion Design Program Coordinator


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Robyn Bock

Program Manager


Co-op College Advisor

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Shelby Lynn Schaffer

Asst Professor - Educator



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Brooke C Brandewie

Associate Professor


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Zachary Hoh

Associate Professor - Practice and Fashion Design Program Coordinator


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Myoung Ok Kim

Assistant Professor

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Injoo Kim



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Ashley Kubley

Associate Director Associate Professor


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Emil J Robinson

Assistant Professor


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Arti Sandhu

Associate Professor


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Kristina Shin

Asst Professor



Students are encouraged to explore the information on our website and contact the DAAP Student Affairs team with any admissions questions. 

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DAAP Student Affairs

(513) 556-1376

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Ana Marissa Colón



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