About Urban Systems

DAAP Urban systems research is a transdisciplinary team of scholars who work closely with cities to advance more vibrant communities.  Our mission is to collaborate across areas ranging from urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture, art, and transportation in order to bring about comprehensive insights and outcomes for enhancing urban communities. 

Our research and creative works focus on using technologies for data collection as well as designing interventions that impact and mitigate the challenges of urban living. Products from our research involve using technologies to envision mobility systems for urban environments; historical analysis on places and how to reclaim cities and spaces; placemaking art interventions for more robust and meaningful living in urban areas; virtual and augmented reality for helping operations for developing smart cities, to mention a few. We focus on connectivity, mobility, and resilience to promote infrastructures for safe and thriving urban living.

Centers, Labs, and Initiatives

  • Resilient Environments
  • Place Appropriation
  • Future Mobility
  • Community Building
  • Material and Building Systems
  • Preservation and Revitalization
  • Digital Mapping and Visualizations
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Environmental Planning
  • Spatial Planning
  • Building materials
  • Urban Design
  • Architectural History
  • Transportation Design
  • Ecological Studies
Headshot of Anton C Harfmann

Anton C Harfmann

Professor and Director of Architectural Engineering and Director of DAAP Facilities and Technology

Headshot of Christoph Klemmt

Christoph Klemmt

Assistant Professor

Headshot of Christopher Auffrey

Christopher Auffrey


Headshot of Gregory Neil Marinic, PhD

Gregory Neil Marinic, PhD

Associate Professor

Headshot of Henry P Hildebrandt

Henry P Hildebrandt


Headshot of Jordan Tate

Jordan Tate


Headshot of Kate Bonansinga

Kate Bonansinga

Director, School of Art; Professor

Headshot of Mara O Marcu

Mara O Marcu

Associate Professor

Headshot of Ming Tang

Ming Tang

Director of Extended Reality Lab. Professor.

Headshot of Pravin Bhiwapurkar

Pravin Bhiwapurkar

Assoc Professor

Headshot of Rainer vom Hofe

Rainer vom Hofe

Professor, Ph.D. Program Director

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Headshot of Vikas Mehta

Vikas Mehta

Professor, Fruth/Gemini Chair, Ohio Eminent Scholar, Urban Design Certificate Coordinator

Headshot of Xinhao Wang

Xinhao Wang


Headshot of Virginia L. Russell

Virginia L. Russell

Professor Emeritus

For inquiries about Urban Systems, please contact

Headshot of Vikas Mehta

Vikas Mehta

Professor, Fruth/Gemini Chair, Ohio Eminent Scholar, Urban Design Certificate Coordinator


Headshot of Claudia Beatriz Rebola

Claudia Beatriz Rebola

Associate Dean for Research, Associate Professor


For partnerships in alignment with faculty research areas and expertise in Urban Systems, please contact:

Headshot of Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson

Senior Director of Development, DAAP

(513) 556-1211