Ceramics Lab

The DAAP Ceramics Lab is one of the many resources available to students. Unlike other programs offered at similar schools, all labs are located in the same building. This proximity provides students with a distinct advantage in their studies at DAAP.

The DAAP Ceramics Lab provides access to a wide array of equipment, tools, and materials required for the creation and research of ceramic works. Within the Ceramics Lab, students have access to several dedicated facilities including a plaster lab, glaze lab, raw materials/mixing lab, and electric, gas, and raku kilns. The studio equipment includes pottery wheels, a slab roller, clay extruder, wedging table, clay mixers, slip tank, pug mill, tile press, masonry saw, drying cabinet, spray booth, assorted hand tools, mixing implements, and communal workspace and ware carts.

Ceramics Lab Equipment

Ceramics Lab


Electric Kilns 

  1. Skutt Oval  KM- 1627 PK- 18.5 Cubic ft
  2. Skutt KM- 1227 PK- 10 Cubic ft
  3. Skutt KM- 1227 PK- 10 Cubic ft
  4. L&L JD230- 7 Cubic ft
  5. Skutt KM- 1227 PK- 10 Cubic ft
  6. Skutt KM- 1227 PK- 10 Cubic ft
  7. Bailey FL-2022
  8. Skutt Test Kiln KS-609
  9. Bailey Heated Drying Cabinet - 426

Gas Kilns

  1. Alpine Car Kiln - 90 Cubic ft
  2. Geil - 30 Cubic ft
  3. BLAAUW Car Kiln - 38 Cubic ft
  4. Laguna Raku Kiln - 9 Cubic ft

Mixing Equipment:

  1. Soldner PRO CLAY MIXER (5HP) 1100 lbs
  2. Solder STUDIO CLAY MIXER (1.5HP) 700 lbs
  3. Blue Bird 800 Pug Mill
  4. Lehman 30b Slip Mixer

Pottery Wheels:

  1. Brent CXC-(13)
  2. Soldner-Blubird MFG (2)
  3. kickwheel


  1. Slab Roller - Brent SR-20
  2. Slab Roller - Amaco
  3. Extruder - Northstar
  4. Extruder- Brent
  5. Spray booth- DeVilBiSS 
  6. Tile Saw
  7. Bench Grinder
  8. Tile Press


  1. Mixing Drills
  2. Immersion Blenders
  3. Scales - Glaze Lab, Clay Mixing Area, Plaster Room
  4. Spatulas
  5. Wisks
  6. Graduated Containers (Restauraunt Grade)
  7. Glaze Chem Spec Tools (Hydrometer, Viscometer, Visco Cups, Graduated Cylinder)
  8. Funnels
  9. Mixing Containers


Headshot of Colin Klimesh

Colin Klimesh

Assistant Director of Lab Education & Ceramics Lab Manager