Visiting Artists & Scholars

headshot of Steve Locke

Steve Locke 2021-03-30

writing that reads "I Don't Know"

Shannon R Stratton 2021-03-23

colorful painting

Sara Rose Sharp 2021-03-16

headshot of Sarabel Santos-Negron

Sarabel Santos-Negron 2021-03-09

Headshot of Mara Duvra

Mara Duvra 2021-03-04

headshot of Angel Otero

Angel Otero 2021-02-23

headshot of Kenyatta Hinkle

Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle 2021-02-02

Sa'dia Rehman sitting in their office

Sa'dia Rehman 2020-11-24

Khalil Irving sitting at studio desk

Kahlil Irving 2020-11-19

rope net hanging against black wall

Abigail Smithson 2020-11-10

photography of leaf hanging from spherical light

Erwin Redl 2020-10-30

poster collage of two images

Kristine Donnelly and Alice Pixley Young 2020-09-23