The study of horticulture covers the growth, distribution and utilization of ornamental plants, fruits and vegetables. In courses offered by UC's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP), students learn the relationship between horticulture and ecological processes and develop a forward-looking approach toward the environment.

UC's bachelor of science in horticulture program is designed with the non-traditional student in mind. Classes are held evenings and weekends on UC's main campus as well as several off-campus locations.

Careers In Horticulture

Growing Hydro Lettuce

Employment opportunities in the horticulture sector include arboriculture, parks and estate management, urban landscape management, zoological and botanical gardens, garden design, construction, and management.

Horticulture Minors and Certificates

  • The Horticulture Certificate and Minor in Horticulture introduces students to the various fields associated with horticultural science, including plant identification, growth, health, and reproduction.
  • The Green Roofs Certificate addresses contemporary issues in living architecture, particularly in the vegetated urban roof, which supports environmental, economic, and social components of sustainable urban design.
  • The Sustainable Landscape Design Certificate expands basic knowledge of building design and landscape design to include a sustainable, integrated approach to the design of the built environment.
  • The Urban Agriculture Certificate responds to contemporary issues in horticulture, urban design, livability and quality of life, food security, and sustainability.
  • The Urban Landscapes Certificate expands basic knowledge of building and landscape design to address the role of plant life in the sustainable urban environment.
  • The Cannabis Studies Certificate offers students a multi-disciplinary foundation for understanding the cannabis plant and the cannabis industry, enabling them to more readily gain employment in one of its many subfields.
  • The Urban Design Certificate is offered at the undergraduate and graduate level and provide individuals with foundational knowledge about the art and science of cities through history to inform future visions for cities. 

Student Success Stories In Horticulture

Successful horticulture students have a love of the outdoors and a deep commitment to all things that grow. Typically, they enjoy working with their hands and have the patience to wait for results that often take a year or more to unfold. Many are entrepreneurial and study business as well as horticulture. Watch the videos below to learn more about the Horticulture Student Experience!

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