Co-op and Experiential Learning Opportunities

A Collection of companies, nonprofits and institutions that offer potential co-op and experiential learning opportunities, courses and certifications for professional development in different areas of sustainability.

Co-op and experiential learning opportunities


Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is a worldwide movement to link visitors (WWOOFers) with organic farmers, promote a cultural and educational exchange, and build a global community conscious of ecological farming and sustainability practices. 

Cincinnati Permaculture Institute

The Cincinnati Permaculture Institute is the region's premier Sustainability Education Organization. Permaculture is an ethical ecological design science founded in Ethics, Principles and Design Methodologies to build a resilient, regenerative and mutualistic culture.

Earthship Building

Earthship is the number one sustainable autonomous design-build company.

Design Impact

Design Impact is a nonprofit social innovation firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They use design to address pressing community issues, equip leaders, and inspire communities.


Ecovative is the mycelium technology company that designs and grows sustainable materials that come straight from nature. This Mycelium Foundry designs fully formed structures that perform just like or better than plastic, leather, meat, and more, turning to compost at the end of their life to meet demand without the environmental costs.


Futerra works across continents and cultures to deliver sustainable development solutions that help make the Anthropocene awesome.


American furniture company Emeco was founded in 1944 to make lightweight, non-corrosive, fire resistant, torpedo proof chairs for the US Navy from salvaged aluminum. That became an ongoing dire.ction. Today it's scrap plastic. They keep plastic out of oceans and landfills and turn it into chairs that last. A planet necessity.

Community Happens Here

Located in the heart of Pleasant Ridge, Community Happens Here creates spaces and offers hospitality to bring our neighborhood together.

Community Earth Alliance

Community Earth Alliance hopes to help people learn to fall in love with the Earth. CEA has focused a lot of the energy on housing, the place where people live, but also strives to see every part of our lives as a celebration of interacting with our fellow Earthlings.

Civic Garden Center

Civic Garden Center is a regionally recognized nonprofit model that has been teaching people how to grow food and care for the environment since 1942.

Hopper Jobs

Hopper Jobs Website for Farm Stays Global Room & Board.

Sustainable Design Consultancies

A list of Sustainable Design Consultancies with possible internship opportunities.

Courses and Certifications


Take free online sustainability courses that focus on renewable energy, environmental protection and sustainable development. Learn about the science of sustainability and other in-demand subjects with courses from top universities and institutions around the world on edX

Slow Factory

Slow Factory transforms harmful systems by designing models that are good for the Earth and good for people. We are people of the global majority advancing climate justice and social equity through regenerative design, open education, and materials innovation. 


Since 2009, LeadingGreen has been a leading education provider for students and professionals in the built environment and sustainable related fields.

Generative Design for Manufacturing from Autodesk

This course is developed for candidates who have advanced skills and can solve complex challenges in workflow and design using Fusion 360. The certification highlights a comprehensive skill set and helps candidates stand out in a competitive job market. (Autodesk Website)

MOOCs and Free Online Courses

A complete list of MOOCs and free online courses from Coursera, edX, FutureLearn, Udacity, and other Top Providers and Universities in a wide range of categories and subjects/skills.