Rethinking the Multiple Futures of the Mill Creek Watershed

Instructor: Sangyong Cho, School of Planning

The Advanced Topical Planning Design Studio is an intricate course tailored for fourth-year undergraduate students pursuing a major in urban planning. A core aim of the studio is to cultivate a practical environment where students can both apply and augment their existing knowledge, immersing them in real-world challenges that necessitate a diverse range of methods and skills. The studio focuses on six distinct locations in the vicinity of the lower Mill Creek, with a special emphasis on the Ohio scenic trailway and its neighboring regions. Within this setting, students are expected to probe into the local socioecological processes and the spatiotemporal patterns that shape each study zone. They will grapple with foundational planning and design notions, especially considering the overarching theme of climate change. This includes engaging in iterative planning and design sequences, navigating from the nuances of local sites to the expansive tapestry of the urban landscape, and ultimately conceptualizing and executing design interventions to address the unique challenges presented by each site.

Project 1: Mending the Divide 

Elizabeth Moore, Emily Pietrantone, Grayson Sommer, Blake Woodruff, Sydney Yee

Project 2: South Cumminsville and Northside Re-Connection Plan

Gabe Weber, Jay Leman, Kyle Gibbs, Max Lambert

Project 3: Wastewater Landscape

Jefferson Le, John Kirr, Elizabeth Geraghty, Olivia Hedges