New Vitalities

Spring 2022, Instructor: Sergi Serrat, School of Architecture and Interior Design 

Most of the revitalization of the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood has been developed south of Liberty Street. New microbreweries, quaint boutiques, fancy restaurants, elegant lofts, and music venues at Washington park have turned the area into a popular going-out spot. 

Our design studio will focus on the north area, where the ecosystemic conditions of the urban fabric remain more marginal. The center of our study will be around the Findlay Market, built in 1855 and operating continuously since then. This iron cast structure is the only surviving public market still open in the city and one of the few living heritages of the original industrial era.

Our goal is to envision a bright future for Over-The-Rhine through a regenerative urban proposal, implementing metabolic, inclusive, and regenerative vitalities, evoking ideas of renaturalization, social interaction, and local production within the context of human urban settlements. 

The studio will be a laboratory to experiment with local relations and solutions to overcome upcoming global challenges and unveil design opportunities in a city of multiple layers, hidden networks, and fragmented functions. 

Ally Balmer, Emma Acomb, Amanda Banic, Natalie Buccini, Alison Dooley, Jordyn Elliott, Merijn Jansen, Catharina Kuehn, Judith Lapp, Julia Lecy, Molly Lehrer, Thomas Lindenschmidt, Kristina Longacre, Matthew Newcomer, Mia Phan, Madeliene Whitis

Merijn Jansen, Catharina Kuehn, Julia Lecy, Thomas Lindenschmid

Amanda Banic, Jordyn Elliott, Judith Lapp, Matthew Newcomer