Mastering Digital Graphics & Drawing for Expressive Design Communication

Fall 2023, Instructor: Hye Yeon Park, School of Planning

Visualization I is a comprehensive course centered on key aspects of design communication. Students delve into digital graphics, essential design principles, and cutting-edge tools, including AI image generators. They gain proficiency in hand drawing and critical software like AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketchup/Rhino, and Lumion.

This course aims to enhance creativity and precision. Through hands-on learning, students develop proficiency in both freehand drawing and digital tools, enabling them to craft compelling 2D and 3D designs. By the course's end, students possess a versatile skill set, allowing them to transform intricate design visions into impactful presentations.

Session 1: Hand-Drawn Conceptualizations and AI-Generated Images

Rachel Carr (Hand Drawing), Rose Dunseth (AI-Image Generation)

Session 2: Digital Modeling with AutoCAD and Photoshop

Nur Ayuni Mohd Bohori, Rachel Carr

Session 3: Digital Rendering using SketchUp

Jasmine Askren (left), Nur Ayuni Mohd Bohori (right)