Cincinnati Streetcar Cultural Corridor

Fall 2022, Instructor: Hyesun Jeong, School of Planning

Over the last few decades, downtown Cincinnati and Over-the-Rhine historic district have undergone a significant transition and the growth. While the existing streetcar, known as Cincinnati Bell Connector, connects major destinations in the heart of the city, streetcar corridors need more cohesive networks that could accommodate vibrant pedestrian and bicycle activity in the context of climate change. The basis of these fundamental issues seeks a cohesive architecture and urbanism for sustainable innovation beyond a mere densification. Therefore, this studio explores urban scenarios of streetcar corridors that rethink existing buildings, streets, and public spaces as a connective pedestrian realm.

“Findlay@Play” by Caroline VanBuskirk and Lanie Tarowsky

“Green Network” by Ella Lisac and Reese Stangelo

“A Healthy Findlay” by Sage Morrison, Celeste Leonard, and Maria Sullivan