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Serving the Community by creating a better design environment


View all 2020 DAAPCares projects and see our graduating student's work online at DAAPworks.


The DAAPcares event at the University of Cincinnati showcases students, faculty, staff, and alumni that investigate, promote, and provide design services to those in need. The event is planned in cooperation with the DAAPcares Student Organization. Open to all!

From Utah to Jakarta, from apps to master plans - there is an inspiring array of projects in the 2020 DAAPcares collection!  As they do every year, they confirm the optimism, talent, and skill of our students and faculty. We have a great capacity for stewardship of the world's people and resources!

This year, DAAPcares comes to you online.  Please give yourself time to review the projects that were selected, and watch for the DAAPcares logo in DAAPworks to celebrate the work of our graduating students who participated in DAAPcares 2020.

With best wishes,
Jennie Russell
Faculty Chair, DAAPcares

2020 DAAPcares Application (PDF)    2020 Poster Instructions (PDF) 

2020 DAAPcares Flyer About DAAPcares

DAAPcares is a collective of faculty, students and alumni committed to improving the quality of life for individuals and communities in need through the pursuit of theoretical and applied projects and research.

The mission of DAAPcares is to foster improved quality of life by identifying humanitarian issues and working as interdisciplinary teams that connect design, architecture, art, planning, and other disciplines to conduct research, create new theoretical frameworks and generate productive, inspiring solutions.


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