Myron E. Ullman Jr.

Myron E. Ullman Jr.

In November 2007, Mr. Myron E. Ullman III and his wife Cathy established several endowed funds to support and name the Myron E. Ullman Jr. School of Design at the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning.

Faculty Excellence

The Myron E. Ullman, Jr. Endowed Professorships and the Endowed Chair for the School of Design Director help recruit and retain high-quality design professionals of the highest caliber to help advance teaching and scholarship. World-class programs cannot exist without outstanding faculty.

Faculty Development

The endowed Myron E. Ullman, Jr. Faculty Development Fund ensures a revenue stream dedicated to faculty development. The fund will be used for program start-up costs, equipment purchases, and travel to professional conferences or international meetings.

Master Classes

Lectures, workshops, and classes funded through the Myron E. Ullman, Jr. Master Classes Fund provide opportunities for students and faculty to learn from and be inspired by design visionaries, business professionals, and entrepreneurs. These experiences will augment curricular and experiential learning each year.

Technology Support

To maintain its integrity as a leading institution for learning, the School must dedicate funding to assure our faculty and students access to advanced technology and thinking. The Myron E. Ullman, Jr. Technology Support Fund supports the investment in expensive equipment and software and ongoing superior technical staff support.

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