Capstone Work by School

Experience the synergistic intersection of our diverse disciplines, where creativity thrives through the showcased capstone work across 15 interdisciplinary degree programs.

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Headshot of Myron E. Ullman Jr. School of Design

Myron E. Ullman Jr. School of Design

Architecture & Interior Design

Headshot of School of Architecture & Interior Design

School of Architecture & Interior Design


Headshot of School of Art

School of Art


Headshot of School of Planning

School of Planning

Strategic Futures

Following President Neville Pinto's “Next Lives Here” strategic vision, and the “Research 2030 UC's 10-Year Strategic Plan For Research”, our Strategic Futures is built around five research capacity areas:

Health and Wellbeing

Urban Systems

Sustainable Living

Digital Culture

Creative Entrepreneurship

DAAP offers noteworthy instances of transdisciplinary research and creative work, reshaping our approach to how we live, interact, and enhance our capabilities with others and our built environment. We embrace technologies as systems that mediate our environment, aiming to enhance experiences for humanity. As a result, our senior capstone work naturally tends to fall into one or multiple of the above research capacities.

Headshot of DAAPworks Exhibit

DAAPworks Exhibit

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