MFA Thesis Exhibition

As a part of DAAPworks, the MFA Thesis Exhibition showcases the culminating works of the Master of Fine Arts students at the University of Cincinnati and Miami University at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC). The exhibition features a diverse range of innovative and thought-provoking projects that reflect the artists' expertise and creativity.

MFA Class of 2024 smiling for a group photo outside of DAAP's Studio Annex.

Master of Fine Arts Class of 2024 | Group Photo

The 2024 MFA Thesis Exhibition featured work by 11 artists from the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. The work on view, February 23 - March 17 at the Contemporary Arts Center, demonstrated the dedication these emerging artists have to developing their practice.

DAAP Artists in the exhibition include: Andy Demczuk, John FordHolli Friley, Margaret Kammerer, Kelsey Linder, Peiyu Liu, Katrina Shafor, Ryene Smith, Isabel Wolke, Michelle Yang, and Zoe Yates.

Meet our MFA '24 Artists

One | Red heavy acrylic and pencil on panel

Andy Demczuk

The Ultimate Warrior Oil on Canvas, steel, magnets, folding chairs

John Ford

Digital art: photo of grass with blue 2D flowers drawn.

Holli Friley

Digital art: layered photos of landscape creek with the overlay words of "I am so calm"

Margaret Kammerer

The presented work is an ‘hairball’ composed of receipts, dead and empty things, “single use” packaging, poetry, family portraits, memes, finished paintings, school projects and feedback 2014-2018, gestures, used substance containers, gifts, roaches, etchings, bobbles, selfies, moments, I’m Not Black, im Black, lots of stabs, stuffings, toxins, plaster, burnt tings, a laptop, residue, hair, blood, and play. The only way to change a society is to take accountability for it. This post-humanist body is SLiNKs living offering toward collective liberation.

Kelsey Linder

Photograph of a female wearing jean overalls sitting crisscross. She is blindfolded. She has a hand raised lightly. She is surrounded by boxes. She appears to be in a garage or storage unit.

Peiyu Liu

"I wonder if she knew" is textile art. There are four quilted squares. Two photos of a young female featured diagonally while the other diagonal appears to be decorative quilting.

Katrina Shafor

Mixed Media portrait: highlights the exploration of the artists identity as a Black woman and shed light on how beauty standards have profoundly impacted her and countless other Black women, causing the feeling of being outliers in terms of appearance throughout life.

Ryene Smith

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Oil and Acrylic Paint on Canvas: Woman decapitated holding her own head

Isabel Wolke

Black background with tiny white figures covering the background as if polka dots.

Michelle Yang

Multidisciplinary art: earthenware, crocheted wool and assorted fibers, displayed on concrete cinder block

Zoe Yates

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Headshot of DAAPworks Exhibit

DAAPworks Exhibit

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