DAAP Equity & Inclusion

At the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning we value an inclusive and caring learning and teaching environment that allows for the development of creativity through our common and diverse interests.

As creative practitioners, we engage in conversations every day that cross boundaries and connect communities, locally, nationally, and worldwide. We recognize that the same skills of active reflection and engaged action that continually reinvent our experience of the world also serve the broader goal of participating in the creation of a vibrant, just society in which all members of our community are valued.

Committee membership is open to all DAAP sudents, faculty, and staff.  Sign up

Monthly Meetings:  Fall 2022 - TBA

12:30 to 1:30 in Room 5430


"Summer of Soul" Panel Discussion

Thank you to our panelists who participated in the Summer of Soul virtual screening event. View the recorded discussion above and meet each of our six creative panelists as they share their views of the screening and its relevancy today.

Equity and Inclusion Resources

DAAP Equity & Inclusion Committee

Contact Lora.Alberto@uc.edu for more information about the committee.