Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates:


COVID-19 Information 

As you are facing the disruptions caused by COVID-19, UC and DAAP have assembled these resources to assist you with your health and well-being. 



Mind & Body Wellness Resources

Self-care/Mind/Body Resources for All

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of self-care during this challenging time. Upon recognizing the need for resources, we share with you this Virtual Center for Positive Self-Care and Mind/Body Resources at DAAP

We hope you will take a moment to visit and do something good for yourself during these times of Social Distancing.  We value your health and emotional wellbeing and hope this initiative proves beneficial for our entire DAAP Family.  Stay Safe, Stay Well, Stay Peaceful, Stay Home.

Mindfulness & Meditation (Nandita Sheth)

How to do Relaxation Breathing

Inner Wellness During Coronavirus: this link will take you to You can download the Breethe app to access a collection of free meditations under the title "Inner Wellness During Coronavirus"

7 Meditation and Mindfulness Apps with free tools

Let's Meet this Moment Together, a post of free resources available from Calm

UC Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
We recognize that this situation may be causing worry and anxiety and that the practice of social distancing can lead to feelings of isolation. Please stay connected to your friends and family with regular updates and remember that there are many resources available to you. CAPS has a great list of services and resources on their website.  

Center for Integrative Health & Wellness at UC

In 2009, the University of Cincinnati partnered with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center to form the UC-Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Integrative Health Steering Collaborative. This interdisciplinary group of staff and faculty worked together to accelerate the rate at which integrative health endeavors were being integrated into the mission of UC’s Academic Health Center.

The Center has compiled this list of Mindfulness Programs

Dr. Barbara Walker is offering virtual  Group Mindfulness Meditation sessions during the month of April.  Three session times are available (morning, afternoon and evening). Guided meditations will start about 3 minutes into the time listed. Please mute your phone when you join.  You are welcome to email Barbara Walker ( with any questions.  

  • Monday - Friday at 8:30 AM - JOIN
  • Monday - Thursday at NOON - JOIN
  • Monday - Thursday at 8:30 PM - JOIN

These sessions aim to help you hit the reset button and aid in improving your mental and physical health.     

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