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How a DAAP Dance Led to Happily Ever After


Older photo of a young man and woman at a formal dance

Mike and Patti on the dance floor


Date: 2/12/2018
Contact: Jamie Muenzer
Phone: (513) 556-4423

In the movies, some of the most memorable meet-cutes happen on the dance floor. The pair lock eyes from across the room, the DJ plays the perfect song, and the two slowly make their way towards each other under the disco ball.

And for Mike (BSDE `82, MBA `94) and Patti Bresler (BSDE `84), the first ever Graphic Design Senior Prom couldn’t have set the stage any better.

Well, scratch the “locked eyes from across the room” part.

“We literally bumped into each other on the dance floor,” Patti laughs. “We were both supposed to be with other dates but decided last minute to go stag.” They spent the rest of the night dancing together, kicking off a quick romance as Mike was only weeks away from DAAP graduation.

With two years of school left for Patti, they dated long-distance for two and a half years while Mike navigated life post-DAAP in various cities and Patti jumped between co-ops. “Patti was a breath of fresh air compared to other women I dated,” Mike says. And upon Patti’s graduation, she landed a job in a small design firm in Chicago, where Mike quickly followed after joining the same team.

Older photo of young woman and man hugging

Patti and Mike embrace

“We went from seeing each other a couple times a month to seeing each other every day.” Patti remembers. And that shift in proximity did nothing but solidify for the couple that they were the real deal. “After six months, we decided to take the plunge and get married. Thirty-two years later: It was the best decision we ever made.”


From Package Design to Staying invovled

Both have had a rich personal and professional life since. From the corporate world to branding, Mike ended up specializing in packaging design. And after receiving his MBA from the Lindner College of Business in `94, he moved into an account service role using his extensive knowledge of design to work with clients using creative and strategic thinking.

Patti also landed in the branding and packaging design field thanks to her passion for creating three-dimensional solutions that bring clients ideas to life. Currently serving as Creative Director for Cincinnati branding agency Brandimage, Patti looks back fondly on her days at DAAP and how it shaped her life in every matter.

“It was hard work and long hours. We had to learn to understand the role of design and how it was part of every aspect of communication. It made me fall in love with the profession and develop a desire for design excellence. I formed long-lasting friendships during those five years, not to mention meeting my number one, Mike!”

And on top of raising two kids while keeping up with all the things life typically throws your way, Patti finds the time to give back. In 2016, Patti received the Distinguished Service Award from the University of Cincinnati Alumni Association for her continued support of DAAP. Patti serves on the DAAP Alumni Board, regularly attends alumni events, and donates her time and creative services to the DAAP Fashion Show.

To the couple, DAAP will always hold a special place in their hearts. “The college expanded my mind in ways I never imagined,” Mike says. “It was challenging, creative and fun, pushing me to be better. We were learning a whole new way of looking at life.” It also laid the ground work for their love story.

An older woman and man sit for a photo with props

Patti and Mike clowning around

 “It starts with love, patience, understanding, and mutual respect. Sharing similar visions, family values, supporting each other in our differences as well as evolving shared interests and passions. We’ve made a promise to keep laughing, talking, and staying connected as we travel through life.”

With Patti and Mike, it seems like the fun has just begun.