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Research + Work

Autonomous mobility in the shared economy (FCA project)

Islas Munoz, Juan Antonio

The shared economy will revolutionize the way people experience mobility. Not owning a vehicle means that the one used to commute to work in the morning can be different than the one selected to return home, or go on a date night. This provides a great opportunity to tackle diverse user needs which translate into equally varied vehicle layouts and designs. Autonomous vehicles will transform a driver into a passenger, making the trip experience fundamental as a competitive advantage, as people will gravitate to what makes them feel pampered, comfortable, or excited, but above all, special. Big automotive groups have the opportunity to provide a holistic offering of trip experiences in the mobility market place to cover everything from apps to request vehicles, to first and last mile solutions, single or multi-passenger vehicles, delivery, and other services. This studio focused on the travel experiences a big automotive group such as Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles can provide in the mega city of 2035. The group was composed by industrial design students (transportation and product), and communication designers (motion and interaction). Spearheading the use of technology for Transportation Design by using Virtual Reality in their process, this multidisciplinary group of students generated a series of vehicle interiors, products, software applications, and on-trip experiences. Service design and a soft business case were also addressed.