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Research + Work

Managing the Urban Environment in Developing Countries: Jakarta, Indonesia

David Edelman

This research operates through a graduate studio that focuses on the practice of Urban Environmental Management (UEM) in developing countries, which both face more immediate problems than the developed world and have fewer resources to deal with them. Introductory lectures define the urban environment, identify the role of UEM, explain the objectives of Agenda 21 and Eco2 Cities, review the urban environmental problems of developing countries, explain their environmental dilemma, discuss urban environmental issues and summarize urban environmental systems. Students form sector-level teams (i.e., poverty alleviation, industry, transportation, energy, water, sewage and sanitation, and finance) to solve the urban environmental problems of Jakarta, Indonesia utilizing a real-world database and a limited budget. The teams collaborate with each other to create the best proposal possible given the constraints of time, location and the data available. This project culminates in the preparation of a professional quality report and presentation to a panel of outside experts. The instructor, who has more than twenty years of professional experience in this field, serves as the consultant to the teams. The work of each team forms a chapter in a book edited by the instructor and published commercially. Each participant in the class thereby has a publication to list on his or her résumé. This volume is the sixth in an ongoing series of urban environmental studies. Previously published studies have been for Mysore, India; Lagos, Nigeria; Manila, the Philippines; Lima, Peru, and Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic.