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Research + Work

Resisting Objecthood: On Art in Public

Maria Seda-Reeder

Panel Talk Presentation on 2/14/19 to the College Arts Association - At the 2019 annual College Arts Association, in a Panel Talk titled Deskilling in the Age of Trump, Cincinnati, Ohio-based writer, curator and University educator Maria Seda-Reeder presented on the benefits and pitfalls of accessioning, conserving, and exhibiting an archive of 300+ signs, banners, and other ephemeral objects of protest across the country for the past two years. As the curator of Still They Persist, a living archive of non-precious objects, made to be used and worn for the purpose of communicating urgent politically-charged messages in a quick, simple, and immediately accessible way—Seda-Reeder argued that collapsing the hierarchies art school pedigrees with simple hands-on resourcefulness thereby overrides the otherwise obligatory commercial implications of the art market. These ephemeral objects of resistance—many of them anonymously left at march sites, often made by those untrained in traditional art forms, and intended to exist for one day of protest. In her presentation at the annual CAA conference, Seda-Reeder addressed the intricacies of exhibiting these kinds of "slippery" objects, which carry a natural tension with academia and the commercial needs of an art market.