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Research + Work

In addition to studios, workshops, laboratories, lecture and seminar rooms, the college has a number of specialized facilities which support its programs.

Research + Work


Kim Burleigh

“Periphery" is a 3D computer animation featuring an excerpt from Sir Alfred Hitchcock’s film Stage Fright projected through a shape-shifting crystalline screen. The motion picture is revealed in refracted glimpses in the margins of the screen and is synchronized to the dialogue; an intense conversation that ricochets between perplexion, deception, confession, delusion, consolation and threats through to deceptive maneuvering. "Periphery” Exhibitions: "Columbus International Film and Animation Festival," Columbus, OH, 2018 "Princeton University Film Festival," Princeton, NJ, 2017 "14th Oxford Film Festival," Oxford, MS, 2017 "SPE Media Festival," Orlando, FL, 2017 “Bandini International Film Festival,” Los Angeles, CA, 2016 "London Experimental Film Festival," London, UK, 2016 "Grand Off - World Independent Film Awards," Warsaw, Poland, 2016 "Screens from the Region," Mini Microcinema Cinema, Cincinnati, OH, 2016.