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Research + Work

Inner Beauty: Kishida Ryūsei (1891-1929)’s Theory of Realism.

Miki Hirayama

Publication – “Inner Beauty: Kishida Ryūsei (1891-1929)’s Theory of Realism.” Edited by Minh Nguyen. New Essays in Japanese Aesthetics: Philosophy, Politics, Culture, Literature, and the Arts. Lanham, MD: Lexington Press, 2017, 301-318. Modern Japanese oil painter Kishida Ryūsei is best known for the realistic portraits of his daughter. Later in his career, he began to work in a style inspired by Chinese art of the Northern Song (960-1127) and Yuan (1279-1368) Dynasties and wrote numerous essays about his aesthetic principles. This essay sheds light on how Chinese classic art and aesthetics informed his work.