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In addition to studios, workshops, laboratories, lecture and seminar rooms, the college has a number of specialized facilities which support its programs.

Research + Work

Neighborhood Identities

Vikas Mehta, PhD

Vikas Mehta is interested in various dimensions of urbanity through the exploration of place as a social and ecological setting and as a sensorial art. His work focuses on the role of design and planning in creating more responsive, equitable, supportive and communicative environments.Dr. Mehta’s current work centers on three broad themes —the communicative city, public space, and neighborhood identities. The research on public space focuses on mapping the various dimensions of public space in the city, public space and diversity, public space as communication, and public space in the global south. Dr. Mehta has been invited by the editors at Routledge to edit the forthcoming Companion to Public Space(Routledge, 2020),with Dr. Danilo Palazzo, a collection of multidisciplinary selection of chapters on the state of the art in the intellectual discourse, scholarship, and research on public space around the globe.Dr. Mehta’s research on the Communicative City under the Communication in the Urban Environment (CUE) initiative at the University of Cincinnati is engaged in two fundamental dimensions of communication —understanding the city as a place of social interaction and sharing, and designing of systems, structures and artifacts for effective communication for all. Dr. Mehta’s work on neighborhood identities produced 52 postcards and playing cards for 52 neighborhoods of Cincinnati and seeks to understand the neighborhood as a physical and social unit by examining the link between image, data and narrative.