Research + Work

In addition to studios, workshops, laboratories, lecture and seminar rooms, the college has a number of specialized facilities which support its programs.


Rapid Prototyping Center

The DAAP Rapid Prototyping Center provides computer driven milling machines, which use student compiled CAD data to produce models. Rapid prototyping supports curricular objectives in the following ways:

  • Allows students to execute a series of improved iterations before the final model is produced and finished.
  • Allows for faculty critique as part of the iterative process.
  • Final molds are made with the computer information that is developed as part of the design process.

The facility is located on the 5000 level just inside the main entry from the south, or campus-side of the complex. It is highly visible, allowing visitors and passerby to view the projects being produced through large windows.

Safety is greatly enhanced, the cutting and shaping is accomplished on a completely enclosed machine.

Equipment available in the RPC includes:

  • Bridgeport VMC 1000 vertical machining center with 23 station tool changer and 44” x 20” inch table manufactured in 2001.
  • Tarus 5 axis mill with variable speed 4000 rpm spindle, 48” x 48” x 48” work cube.
  • Komo VR 510 S Series Router obtained in 2006. 5’ x 10’ cutting area with Fanuc driver
  • Beam 250watt Laser Machining Center obtained in 2005. The laser can cut up to 1” thick wood or acrylic and the lab maintains profiles for cutting more than 100 different specific materials. The Beam LMC can accommo-date up to a 48” x 48” piece of material.
  • Epilog 36EXT Laser Engraver obtained in 2008. Accommodates cutting of thin materials and etching and engraving processes up to 24” x 36” in size.
  • ZCorp 650 Powder Printers (two total) obtained in 2011. 300(x) 450Y dpi with a .0035 inch z layer thickness. Both printers can produce color output within a build area of 15” x 10” x 8” high.
  • uPrintSE ABS Extrusion Printer obtained in 2012. 300(x) 450Y dpi with a .010 inch z layer thickness prints in off white ABS plastic.

For more information, check the wiki page here.