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The Public City.

  • Dates: 28 – 28 Oct, 2020

28 October 2020 | 7:30 pm EDT

Ken Greenberg, Jeff Hou

Public spaces, social and political places - hosted by Vikas Mehta

Public space reflects the identity and image of a city: it is the barometer of a city. In profound or mundane ways public space affects us all. Public space has an uplifting potential for cities and its people. The quality of public space is one of the most important measures of the quality of life in cities and neighborhoods. In cities, large and small, the realization that public space is essential to our well-being has generated a newfound interest and investment in public space that has brought citizens back to urban cores. At the same time, the social and political uprisings have reinforced the role of public space as the geography of the public sphere and a place to express diverse opinions and demand justice.

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