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Seven Hills
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As part of a SAID MetroLAB graduate studio in summer of 2015, students combined design and fabrication efforts to transform selected interior spaces at Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses (SNHN). Course objectives included researching interior spaces for community centers, community engagement strategies, and prioritizing interior spaces at SHNH.

Graduate students worked closely with SHNH staff, board members, and local user groups to transform selected interior areas of SHNH. Transforming existing spaces into welcoming and fully functioning places that enable advancement through education and technology for members of the community. Results included the creation of places to learn, read, talk, think, and grow.

PARTNERS                                               GRANT

7HNH Board                                                   Seven Hills Neighborhood House 
Cincinnati Zoo                                                 Board Members: $10,000
Cincinnati Reds
HGC Construction Company

LOCATION                                                FACULTY

901 Findley Street                                          Jim Postell


Andrew Ancona
Thomas Covert
Caitlin Dettling
Jing Guo
Ashley Huffman
Connor Hymes
Dung Le
Kurt Lehecka
Yi-Yun Yin
Jon Lund
Narek Mirzaci
Joshua Walker
J. Werbeach
Jiajing Xie
Yanji Zhao

Seven Hills
Seven Hills