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metrolab workshop
metrolab workshop

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MetroLAB studios are typically taught on-site where the projects are located within the city. There are great benefits to having material and fabrication tools available on-site so that students and local community members can collaborate within their own neighborhood. As a result of funding from the Betz family, the MetroLAB Mobile Workshop studio was created to explore how to create an on-site trailer for milling and fabricating.

After exploring existing off-the-shelf and unique trailers, the studio developed an aluminum system that allows for maximum flexibility. Through extensive material exploration and testing, the students adopted existing systems to create an unfolding, flexible, mobile workshop.

SPONSOR                                     GRANT

Betz Family                                        UC Pathway B Third Century Materials Grant


Terry Boling


Stephanie Bross
David Burgei
Imani Dixon
Alex Gormley
Ashley Griffith
Paul Kim
Kellie Locke
Corey Mai
Sarah Park
Luis Sabater
Laura Soria
Rachel Tobe
Jason Wu