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This MetroLAB studio addressed the renovation of an existing interior space in the Information Technology Solution Center (ITSC) on the UC west campus. The objective of the renovation was to create a new high-tech look and a visual identity for the center while meeting the growing needs for client meetings, demonstrations, and for the staff of ITSC to produce their work. Various wall surfaces, furniture, and other interior elements were designed, tested and built at full scale.

In the design phase, students were required to develop a sequence of iterations to reflect the interior surface tessellation and optimization process of plywood panels. Digital tools including parametric design software, Rhino, and Grasshopper were used to form a network of triangular shapes and to optimize the orientation of each panel based on the material performance and the relation to daylight. This process created a smooth transition between frame-like panels to solid sheet panels. A similar tessellation approach was used to create the table. The same triangular pattern was adjusted to achieve the desired aesthetics on the new partition walls. In the final assembly fifty-two different wood panels were installed precisely on the wall.

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UC Information Technology Solution Center                   Ming Tang


Mary Cassidy
Michael Czmiel
Megha Dubey
Mackenzie Grause
Kristin Plummer
Nicole Ridder
Adam Sambuco
Han Shen
Mark Specker
Jonathan Tomko